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6 January 2019

Only one campus which had everything you require. Not all lecturers seem like they are trying to achieve the best out of the students, however overall a decent uni.

6 January 2019

Accommodation nice. Students union is okay, but crowded and small. My course is good but hard. The facilities are good. I use the library

5 January 2019

Laboratories are not the greatest in Computer Science, the assistance youre supposed to get can leave you even more clueless after you've spoken to someone for help than at the start.

5 January 2019

The campus is really amazing , every week almost an event is held there . Alot of facilities are available in the university which makes it easier for students living on campus . My course is MA English literature its more self study we don't have lecture its only seminars. Some prof don't explain what exactly he wants , which makes things more complicated.

8 July 2018

Was a great experience overall. Enjoyed my time there, and feel I have gained a lot from the 3 years I spent there. It was really really fun and wouldn’t have done it any other way.

30 June 2018

The campus may not be the most beautiful but there is definitely a sense of community around Brunel. Local amenties, lecture halls, library and other study spaces are all within a comfortable walkable distance. The campus is a 15min walk from one end to the other. Sport facilities are very good, lots of sports halls for all sorts of activities. Brunel has some of the best sports societies in London.

8 April 2018

Brunel has an amazing campus but not a very up to date staff. They don’t care much about attendance or grades.

8 April 2018

The campus is amazing, but the people and the teaching not so much. The academics don’t really care if you attend classes or get a good grade. No team work. You’re on your own.

3 April 2018

The engineering part of the university is not the best, only there do they have the necessary programs to use for coursework as the library and private study areas do not have these.

25 March 2018

Brand new labs and meeting rooms, tutors should be more helpful, worksheets should reflect more from lecturers as they are really hard to tackle sometimes. It is far away from everything!!! It should have more campuses across London!

28 February 2018

The campus is nice, fairly easy to find your way around and well maintained. There’s a grocery market outside every Tuesday which is nice. Facilities are quite good, especially sporting facilities. My course is enjoyable but slightly disorganised, some coursework marking has been very late. Careers services are helpful! Nightlife is decent. Overall a good experience, I’m glad I chose Brunel.

24 February 2018

Nightlife is decent, Union have lots to offer. Food places aren’t great. And needs major room for improvement for wifi

11 February 2018

It's all great to be fair. The courses are good and the night life is amazing but the facilities are quite simple and food on campus is great but not good for vegiterians.