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Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


17 January 2019

Great events, always had something for everyone to do no matter what type of music, event or activities your into. All staff involved in freshers made you feel very welcome and helped you fit right in at Bournemouth university

17 January 2019

Was very overwhelming but the nightlife and induction was very exciting, meeting new people and going out with friends. Everyone is in the same boat and it's refreshing to know you are in the same position as everyone else

16 January 2019

Loved every minute of it and loved that it was 2 weeks not 1, however would have been helpful to not have to go to uni in the second week hanging

16 January 2019

Vibrant and fun, a nice variation of events meaning theres something for everyone. It's all timed well with the beginning of your course so you'll be meeting alot of new people giving you a lot more choice on who to go out with.

15 January 2019

The moving in process was quick and easy, my accommodation was nice and the staff were helpful. In terms of freshers events, although there was a lot going on and multiple events on every night, it seemed that every event had sold way too many tickets therefore it was difficult to enjoy the night because of how packed it was, you couldn't move. Despite this though, the events that were put on were fun and well themed, BU freshers week for a good night out.

15 January 2019

I really enjoyed Freshers week as it acted as an icebreaker and really enabled me to come out of my shell

14 January 2019

I moved in to my post-grad halls and was greeted by the staff there which were really friendly and they checked me in and gave me my keys and showed me up to my room. There was a few people that had moved in already, I was very nervous but the staff member made me feel really welcome and introduced me to my new flatmates. That day we had an event to go to at The Old Fire Station with our ResLife staff, they were really friendly and showed us to the bus stops and took us to the location, the event was a rockeoke band event, which was actually quite fun! Me and my housemates started chatting and singing to the songs we knew and then near the end of the night we decided to join in with the dancing with our ResLife staff. It was really enjoyable and everyone made me feel like I was welcome there.

13 January 2019

Freshers weeks were full of everything I expected and more! There was two weeks worth of events to go to and I feel it really helps you to bond with course mates and your flat mates.

13 January 2019

Moving in was made easy by friendly staff and other students and they left a welcome pack which was a very nice touch

21 July 2018

Amazing having 2 weeks to meet new people and make friends especially when moving so far from home! Not many clubs in Bournemouth but you have to make the most of it! Disappointing with events as they are advertised differently from the actual event itself! One was advertised with paint cannons etc but on arrival it was a few glow sticks, which was a disappointment.

8 July 2018

At first it was not what I expected, I really enjoyed it don't get me wrong, however I could not fully be myself around new people so I wasn't enjoying it to the full, if I had made the friends I have now at uni right at the start it would of been much better!

5 July 2018

The BU clib had a free night on move in day. Both the club was open as was the bar. In the bar there was a ping-pong table set up and an impromptu tournament started. ( I won )

1 July 2018

Freshers week was one of the best weeks of my life. I was able to meet lots of friends who I'm still friends with 3 years later. Events were well advertised on the Facebook page.

25 June 2018

More could be done for uni let properties as it can be far more difficult than in halls, events were good just all slightly overpriced as it seems it's a big money maker for a lot of companies and becomes very expensive for students

21 June 2018

It was pretty much amazing .. lots of events and superb music .. I'll definitely try it again this year although I'm not a fresher now ...

20 June 2018

Bournemouth university freshers week was a very fun experience to share with my flatmates and there were some very good events in in various clubs and venues around the town.

18 June 2018

Move in was very easy with no major problems. I wish they would have explained better the 2 wristbands you could choose from, the one linked to the university/Fire Station and the one linked to all the clubs in town.

8 June 2018

Freshers was so good, many events all of which were buzzing with people!! Make so many friends and gets you familiar with the nightlife of Bournemouth.

6 June 2018

It was one of the best experiences of my life. Freshers fair was a safe haven for freshers, soo many freebies especially after spending most of you money at freshers week.

2 May 2018

The events were really good but expensive, tips don’t buy wrist bands you don’t use them or Alist cards never used them the whole time I’ve been here

29 April 2018

Move in experience was great, met excellent people and night life really made freshers great, there's a whole range of great clubs in Bournemouth like Cameo and halo, I can garuntee every future student will have a great time

28 April 2018

The overall experience was eye opening to say the least. The first day I moved in I fell in love with my room and also the town as a whole. It was a surreal feeling to be surrounded by people I never met before who were also in the same boat and it was weird realising that I was left to my own devices pretty much. The first night of freshers involved going to the first club event at freshers and the welcome was really good. That was my first clubbing experience also therefore I could say that was a good first time. For new students I would recommend not to get into the club nights too much and not to assume that the people that you meet at freshers will be your friends forever.

11 April 2018

Easy move in process, great team helping every step of the way. Flats were better than expected. Everyone in our halls was amazing, Purbeck house was the best it could have been. Easy to meet new people between all of the halls across the town as they are so close. Also the 2 week freshers is definitely a must, not the 1 week everywhere else. Tips for students, don’t hold back, knock on all the rooms and flats for the first couple of weeks. Meet everyone you can and enjoy the first couple of weeks. You can easily keep on top of uni and going out in the first year so make the most of the time and money you have before second and third year!

9 April 2018

It was great. I went to cameo in Bournemouth and it was zoo themed I went completley over the top and was a bright neon pink flamingo. However when I got to the club I realised that nobody had dressed up anywhere near to the extent I had. Then I had to spend the whole night dancing looking like a bright pink crayon.