Snooker & Pool

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Organisation & Communication
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Social Experience
The Committee
Value for Money



Not funded by the University, but fantastic venue reguardless! Adequate competitions, however, these are self funded and can be very costly to a student. Great for social events and gatherings, everyone is really friendly! I've got my own Cue, and I find my own table time, which is approximately £50 on average.


Great venue, friendly and approachable members! Loads of competitions and great opportunities to progress and learn! Highly recommend to peers and other students! Great way to mix with the local community as well as the University students! I don't think this club could be better ran, as for me it is perfect! Only problem is it is a large investment as the club is low on funding to my knowledge, but a couple of free training sessions would be great, as we have the potential to not only represent the University, but we can also represent Wales, as some members have done in previous years!