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22 January 2019

I have loved my time in Bangor. The lecturers are fantastic and the pastoral support is second to none.

22 January 2019

I take Music, it's such a good course. Different univerities offer different things but this seems to cater for everyone. The music block is modern and has lots of equipment and the staff are excellent. The campus itself is picturesque with its historical building but then also modern with the likes of Pontio.

22 January 2019

Really enjoying my zoology course. The lecturers are extremely enthusiastic and it's a subject I've always dreamed of studying.

Elen Jones
22 January 2019

I thoroughly enjoy studying at Bangor university as facilities are superb. The staff are friendly and available to answer any queries. There are multiple study areas and the library is full of resources to help towards studying towards my degree. The views from the building of the city of Bangor is unreal and beautiful. The overall feeling of Bangor University is a relaxing and friendly one.

Lucy Best
22 January 2019

I absolutely have loved my three years at bangor university. Beautiful city and loveky university environment.

22 January 2019

It is brilliant It is fantastic It is great I Love it I Highly recommend C'est brilliant Love food Thankyou Got no money

22 January 2019

Everything about this university is absolutely phenomenal, the area, the campus, the people, the lecturers and the atmosphere! You wont regret coming here, the services are insane, and did i mention society's are free to join?? Bangor is 1 of the 2 Universitys where societies are free to join, so you'd be a fool not to consider coming here for university

13 August 2018

The city of Bangor is very small and therefore all the university buildings are within walking distance from everywhere. The building itself is old but all the rooms are very modern and up to date. The language courses are great at Bangor.

9 August 2018

Brilliant university, very helpful staff, fantastic facilities available. The students union is very helpful and informative, the student support on offer is outstanding and my course is spot on

25 June 2018

Brilliant university! Friendly and helpful staff. Always willing to give thorough feedback on essays and assignments. Facilities available such as library, study areas and cafes are all clean, modern and accessible. Overall experience has been great.

22 June 2018

Bangor University is amazing. The facilities here are fantastic, they have specialised technology and equipment for almost every department & school. The campus is beautiful, the architecture of the Main Arts building is so Hogwarts-esque! And the people of Bangor, the students, and the lecturers are just so kind, funny and welcoming to everyone they meet.

20 June 2018

My favourite part was the "open door policy" which meant, we were encouraged to go see the lecturers if we were having any trouble understanding the lectures. Moreover, we were all assigned tutors with whom we could discuss personal problems or any problems at all that arise during our time at uni.

17 June 2018

Great location, teaching style and fun atmosphere. The tutors take the time to get to know the students and put in alot of effort to help us figure out our path in university and where we want it to lead.

10 June 2018

Bangor university offers a once in a life time experience. Far enough away to literally be in the mountains, yet only over an hour away from three major cities. Voted one of the most beautiful campus's in the UK and buildings over 100 years old it is a uni like no other.

5 June 2018

I do marine biology at Bangor. The course is amazing with great lecturers, including lots of field and lab work. The university is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and beaches it feels like being on holiday all the time. The student union club academi is lots of fun too when packed!

23 April 2018

Good university, facilities there are so good. Bangor libary will remind you of Hogwarts, so why wouldnt you want to come here

18 April 2018

Fantastic services and amenities for students. Excellent pastoral care provided to students from the lecturers.

13 April 2018

lecture rooms spacious great course lecturers are great and supportive very helpful with assignments and tasks everyone at the university are polite and helpful

8 April 2018

Excellent lecturers,great courses, really good selection of societies. Pastoral care is high quality it feels like the lecturers care about the students.

6 April 2018

Bangor University stands out individually for its appealing community and student atmosphere, due to its fairly small proximity so nothing is too far away. The student vibe is largely filled by the many societies on offer, as well as the Student Union (Undeb) and Campus Life organisations which ensure all students have a voice. The wide range of pubs and two nightclubs largely contribute to the social nightlife aspect. The teaching quality is of a very high standard, and lecturers ensure the best communication possible. The university building itself adds character to the city, with a stunning library and architecture not unlike Hogwarts. Overall I've been grateful for my experience at Bangor, in both the independence I've gained and opportunities given to me in my course and the people I have met.

27 February 2018

The campus, the facilities, my course, the student union, careers services and organisation of my experience has been (to this point) borderline excellent.

16 February 2018

The university itself is amazing. They offer a wide range of courses to suit every aspect of education and the teaching staff are some of the best and well experienced in their field of work.

16 February 2018

The university itself is amazing. They offer a wide range of courses to suit every aspect of education and the teaching staff are some of the best and well experienced in their field of work.

11 February 2018

I loved my time at Bangor university! I particularly enjoyed my course (psychology), as they have great lecturers and really interesting content. I also loved the location as it’s right next to the sea AND mountains!