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22 January 2019

This is a very good university for the coulees I am on. Helping students the lecturers are great! My campus is Wrexham campus and it nice and spacious and welcoming fo students.

22 January 2019

The campuses with accommodation in are pretty nice, it's easy to get about and find where you need to be, none of the uni buildings are too far away and there's plenty of pubs about

22 January 2019

An enjoyable experience, great societys most of which are payed for by the uni meaning you can join multiple and go to a few events of each. Teaching facility's were good however some of the cource lacked organisation and getting meetings with my dissertation tutor was hard at times.

Sian law
22 January 2019

Very lovely city, the university is beautiful, and the teaching is really good. Very good choice for university. Bilingual options, supportive staff, many societies and clubs available, list goes on.

7 July 2018

I am situated on the Healthcare campus in wrexham, not the usual campus in Bangor itself. It is a small campus but the support from lecturers in the department is a lot more personalised due to its smaller nature. There is lots of opportunities for support throughout the course. There could do with being more clubs on the wrexham campus for students to join but to be honest with the healthcare courses we study, there isn't much time for societies unlike other courses due to placement hours and commitments to uni. Overall I have enjoyed my time at Bangor uni, they have prepared me for a future of nursing

5 July 2018

My overall university experience was a good one. I was on the Wrexham campus rather than the Bangor one so there were much less facilities and only two societies which students started while we were in our 2nd year. It would be great if there were some more uni experiences like that. But apart from that we learned a lot, were well supported while at the same time given tools to be independent. I would do a masters here.

15 June 2018

The courses you get in this university is diverse, enjoyable, interesting and helpful. The experience is unforgettable except for the stats if your not good at it ahaha, career services are plentiful as tutors would help with references when asked.

10 June 2018

Teaching is excellent, would highly recommend for postgrad studies. Bit quiet in terms of night life, and the ocean sciences department is seperated from the rest of the uni so joining societies is difficult without a car.

4 May 2018

Very helpful students union. Lovely university campus. Location is ideal on a sunny day. More assistance/notifications in regards to loans/bursary’s

Liam Morris
9 April 2018

Great lecturers, easily approachable and appear to actually care about their students. As a student within the archaeology department I feel the lecturers provide very helpful guidance and advice. The department itself I feel would benefit from additional funding, as in recent years cuts have been made, due only to questionable spending from the university itself. For example the "bogey" monument(?) situated outside the recent pontio building.

1 April 2018

It provides a variety of good courses , which are well taught by their lectures. Good business school which is ranked in the top 10.

30 March 2018

The university is quite unique in that it is not a campus based university but a 'city' based one however due to the small size of Bangor every university building is a 15 minute walk meaning you don't need a bus/car to get to your lecture or meeting. The facilities are adequate, they're not up there with the top universities but they're always improving and listening, I feel that deiniol library located on deiniol road is very outdated and far too small to cope with the increasing number of students and there have been many a time where myself and people I know are unable to find an available pc or simply a desk to work at. Having said that the new building called the pontio does add some make space for students to work but again not enough. Including more features such as kettles and a microwave in the library would be great.

20 March 2018

Overall I thoroughly enjoy the student experience at Bangor, good sense of community and plenty of friends to make if youre willing.

13 March 2018

The campus has loads of amenities on site and most university building will have a cafe or small shop on site. There is such a wide variety of clubs and societies to join that anyone can be suited to do. My course is amazing and I love how organised they are.

2 March 2018

The campus is very cute and quite small but everyone in freshers feels like we're all a big family. Due to the size, it's very convenient to get to launderette etc. 10 mins walk to lectures which is great because the more sleep the better. Psychology course is great but very popular.

1 March 2018

The university is very good and clean with a great atmosphere and the location is perfect. The facilities are high tech and the student union is faultless.

12 February 2018

The University is good I've been here since 4 weeks but I haven't faced any problems.. I stay at University accommodation which are very clean and tidy all the time with all the facilities. The town is a beautiful place to live in

28 January 2018

The campus is set in a lovely location of Bangor City, with the University being spread across the city. The student union is great and they try there best to help any student. With a range of societies and clubs to choose from, which is all placed together on serendipity, twice a year.

27 January 2018

Bangor is a great place to study, very laid back and easy going and at the same time has plenty of party . There is a great mix of individuals attending the uni, and all are offered free membership to all clubs and sport societies which is unique to other universities.