Bangor University

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Organisation of Socials
The Events
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Freshers' Fair


22 January 2019

The members of staff were so welcoming. They made me feel very comfortable. I really enjoyed the event.

25 June 2018

I'm a Bangor nursing student based in Wrexham where the freshers week lasts for two weeks and there are great events such as inflatable nights, paint parties and casino nights

5 June 2018

Freshers week was really nice. The SU heroes were super helpful, they even carried my luggages up to my room. Serendipity in particular was very nice. I like how joining societies and clubs are free :)

5 May 2018

Easy move in and a lot of activities to keep a fresher busy! Easy access to information to help a fresher

12 April 2018

The events tended to follow the exact same pattern regarding the pubs, it would have been nice to have a been shown a few more of the smaller ones.

12 April 2018

The ocean science peer guides were great at showing us around and answering any questions we had. Moving in was incredibly easy as everyone was helpful from pointing us in the right direction to carrying stuff upstairs

10 April 2018

On the Sunday, I went out with flatmates and ended up meeting some guys from my course. We had a great time and ended up organising all going to the course meeting together in the morning.(this was very lucky because I ended up having to leave my flat. I had been placed in an all girl's flat and the other girls didn't agree with guys entering the flat, so would call security any time we were cooking or predrinking in the kitchen and even if we were in my room all watching tv etc) This consisted of being shown all the buildings we would be using, seminars on what to expect and free doughnuts. On the Monday night we all predrunk I'm their flat then headed to the nearest club: Academi. The only way to describe Academi really is it's a school disco rather than a club. Its owned by the university. A large room with bars each side and seating throughout. It can be fun if you're wasted, but otherwise, steer clear. On the Tuesday we had more seminars to attend and there was a biological sciences social in the evening in Bar Uno then a pub crawl. In upper Bangor we went to Paddy's (Bangor's Irish bar-best place to get guiness, usually empty apart from on St. Patrick's Day, when you would be lucky to get through the door), Rascals (a bar with some nice cocktails, also has a higher level opened sometimes called the loft which plays jungle, reggae, ska etc) and a few other places in lower Bangor. On Wednesday we had nothing throughout the day so went to the Freshers fair,which was quite small but people were freindly. we decided to kick off the night early and began predrinking, then we headed straight to Peep(now called Cube, formerly Octagon). Peep is the only "real" club in Bangor. It has 2 floors, 3 bars and 3 defined dance floors. Although it wouldn't compare to other city clubs, it's the best Bangor's got and can produce a great night. Sometimes they have themed nights e.g. UV paint, foam etc,On the Thursday we attended some interesting talks and got more free the evening we predrunk then went to Academi, then headed to Embassy ( this club no longer exists, it was bought and revamped in my second year and was renamed Revive, but the revival didn't work). The current equivalent to this would be Club dB (formerly Oscars in my first year). The next day we met our other lecturers and learnt about course content. We then went on a pub crawl to lower bangor. We started in spoons, then went to the harp (became our favourite for second and third year),then varsity ( clubby bar) more like a club than Academi, then we went to the Albion (locals pub), then the Waterloo (Locals clubby pub), white lion (gym bar - good cheesey tunes), then Oscars (now dB), then skerries ( good local pub, jukebox and pool table) then the boatyard (restaurant with bar,also has a nice outside area) then the tap and spile (pub by the pier, wonky pool table but great selection of ales). On Saturday we once again attended Peep after predrinks and a few pubs, it was a foam party, which made the floor super slippery. Got knocked out after slipping down the stairs! The next day we went for a walk to Anglesey and stopped off in the antelope (pub by menai bridge), where we had some great food and drinks. Overall it was a fun Freshers week. And the small size of Bangor make the transition much easier as everywhere was in walking distance and it was easy to meet people.

1 April 2018

There were Plenty of societies all with brilliant events which made it really easy to make friends and have loads of really good nights out

31 March 2018

Straight away you’re made to feel at home, with people welcoming you from the moment you move in until the end of that week with events on day and night. I always felt safe and it made the experience so much more enjoyable.

30 March 2018

It was pretty easy, don’t forget to do your laundry and bring enough underwear. Getting into a routine is good

27 March 2018

Have fun, live your life and just go fir it. Get involved with as much as you can and don't be worry when you put on 2 stone. You'll lose it all in third year from pure stress haha. Also, just play loads of sports all the time. Sports is great.