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23 January 2019

Aston university is overall a good university. The lecturers are very knowledgeable in the areas that they teach.

23 January 2019

Good university, could improve communication with students. Also, it is quite dated, and in need of a refurb to bring it more up to date.

23 January 2019

I study business management at Aston university in Birmingham. The university has worked hard over the years to introduce state of the arty facilities for the students to use, one of which is the woodcock Aston sports centre and accommodation buildings which received millions of pounds in investment.

23 January 2019

Good overall uni. Everything is close by. There is a town centre near the uni. It's is a city based uni. The facilities here are ok. The building itself is a bit outdated and needs refurbishment. The signs are difficult to follow especially to get to various rooms for lectures. The beginning onfcrhe year and even up to now I found myself struggling to find a lecture theatre. Now there's a new card system in place to get through certain doors, personally I think it is a lot especially when you're running late however it increases security

23 January 2019

Campus and facilities are excellent, except WiFi which sometimes doesn't work. Some lecturers can be lazy in regards to teaching material for example using PowerPoint slides and just reading from them. Others are more interactive. During exam periods there isn't always enough time to contact lecturers or they take to long to reply to emails.

23 January 2019

Great intimate campus settings. Activities are meh, but the SU has a lot of activities. Loads of career support and advice.

23 January 2019

Lovely staff and lovely campus. Only downside is the amount of stairs to climb to get lectures on the higher floors! On campus food outlets are quite expensive so would not recommend them on a student budget.

23 January 2019

I'm a first year student and so far my experience has been good despite the constant timetable changes and organization issues at the uni.

23 January 2019

It is a very good university. My course is very organised and the lecturers are passionate, knowledgeable and approachable. The lectures are recorded which is a huge bonus as you can go over them in your own time and use the recordings to revise. They have a nice, large library with plenty of study space and laptops for loan. There are separate floors for quiet and silent studying as well as study rooms for groups. Placement years are offered and encouraged with plenty of information and support given for people those interested. There are a variety of societies to join which makes it easy to meet new people and make friends with similar interests to you.

23 January 2019

Aston is a great university it's not Russel group but it's good nevertheless. There's lot of opportunities put forward for placements like talks and internship talks. The campus is nice small and cosy but it's loud at times. The courses are not too bad either

23 January 2019

The campus is in a great location, Birmingham City Centre is a really short walk. You have access to every shop and restaurant you can think of. The uni feels very safe and comfortable and there's shops/costa on the doorstep. I'm studying Business and Management and the course is great!!

23 January 2019

The school is great really academically and mentally supportive however it's smack in the city centre so the social life on campus is a bit dead. The careers service is fantastic.

23 January 2019

The campus is very easy to navigate in which is very good. The facilities are mostly very modern. Th student union are very helpful but the building could be larger and more modern. But overall a good uni

23 January 2019

The campus is Always lively and clean which makes it more enjoyable to walk around. There's several methods of career services for placements and part time jobs across the radius of the city as well

23 January 2019

It is a really good university, I enjoy coming here. It is a really nice building with clean student accommodation, that gets cleaned regularly.

22 January 2019

Good uni overall but engineering school isn't very well managed. Lab equipment was often faulty. 24hour Pc clusters were useful.

22 June 2018

Aston University is a beautiful campus which is well kept and maintained. Support for students is available within every sector of the University, such as IT, health care and financial support. They constantly ask students for feedback, showing that they care about the students opinions and value their thoughts which ultimately affect the progression of the university. English Language BSc is a plentiful degree which systematically reviews the utilisation and analysis of communication, whilst cross analysing it with real life practical scenarios. Job opportunities are explored throughout the course, allowing students to relate their module to an actual job role to help with future decisions. The only down fall I feel, is the technological resources. The computers are old and there are always issues with the internet and certain softwares. The first time I had an online examination, the exam was postponed for over an hour due to technological problems! There are limited printers and scanners available throughout the university. During busy periods (examination times) it is difficult to find areas of study that you can remain in, however the university is opening new areas to address this problem. Comparing resources, Aston appears behind other unis - for example, my friend attends DMU where there are Macs on site and hot water taps available for students to use for lunch/hot drinks (Aston also has an expensive cafeteria). Another downfall that is beneficial to tech/science and business students, is that they have their own private study rooms which seems unfair from an outsiders point of view. From glances inside the glass doors, the rooms are decorated with sofas and study spaces which always seem empty. Overall, Aston University is a lovely campus that does have their students interests at heart. With only a few down falls which may be constrained by funding, I think Aston is a great learning environment which provides excellent teaching and well thought out degree structuring.

18 June 2018

Four year degrees with placement year great. placement tutors, support given before and during really good. Business school overall really good.

17 June 2018

The university is quite small so it’s easy/quick to get to lectures, the lecture threatres are nice and comfortable plus of you miss lectures they are all recorded for you to go back over! However some lecturers speak very poor English ‍♀️

15 June 2018

Very cosy and smal campus, easy and quick to get from one lecture theatre to another lecture theatre under 10 minutes! The library facilities could be improved as at peak times like exam season, a lot of students struggle to find a table to study on!

13 June 2018

The university is very close to the city centre. It has good services on campus including a lake at the Aston Triangle as well as a nearby student gym. Because it is so close to the city centre you also benefit from the shops Birmingham has to offer. There's a Tesco and Subway on campus but it is only a 10 minute walk to the Bullring and high street.

10 June 2018

Small university and library a bit too small especiclly during exam season very crowded. Overall atmosphere is good.

7 June 2018

Very friendly environment, lecturers close to students, high level of support both concerning modules and further career prospects

5 June 2018

Campus is quite small but has s very friendly and welcoming feel to it. There are lots of study areas available