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Organisation of Socials
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Freshers' Fair


24 January 2019

I only went out once for freshers week and yes it was really good. Although, freshers week staying in was so boring as the student union would try to organise something but whenever I went, no one turned up. However, I did meet lots of people during freshers week and I am not close with them now though but whenever I see them I always say hello to them.

23 January 2019

Overall my freshers week was pretty exciting and at the same time hectic, I was super excited for the freshers fair to see what the uni had to show and to see the clubs and sports, I loved the fresh uni vibes of the week.

23 January 2019

My freshers week was pretty hectic, I moved into Cambridge with to other friends that came to university and we all were pretty excited for freshers fair, I loved all the university vibes, as if we were starting an adventure, and I loved everybody's excitement too!

23 January 2019

Although there was events available they were not very well organised and did not live up to expectations unfortunately

11 June 2018

Freshers week was great! The move in was smooth and easy and I made friends straight away. The best part was definitely the parties and getting to know new people.

7 June 2018

Awesome, definitely had the best time of my life. You meet people straight away. Make sure you go out every single day it’s unmissas. Yeah yeah

1 May 2018

Anglia Ruskin university offered an amazing array of events and activities that helped me settle into my first year very easily.

27 April 2018

At the start of uni you get a semester planner most of events however, not all the clubs nights that could be attended are spoken about e.g If you like rnb hip hop uk rap etc. The freshers fairs are good lots of societies, food vouchers and night club promos

26 April 2018

My moving experience was good, very well organised. I didn't think that most of the events were good for the money. Karaoke nights were definitely the best. Meeting new people is hard if your shy, but joining clubs and societies definitely helps.

19 April 2018

My first experience in tis University was so amazing. I said that because when I arrived in Cambridge I saw a lot of students and posters with different activities which you could do.i met amazing people which now are my friends and in every weekend we make something new and interesting. I love my life here and i can't think that will be exist something better than this.

18 April 2018

Not what you expect, clubs are empty and drinks are expensive. No one sticks to the themes of the night. No point asking the DJs for a request because it’s never going to happen, as they prefer to play the same 10 songs on repeat. There’s only 3 clubs worth going too, and one of them is known for spiking drinks.

Jessica Teixeira
14 April 2018

My freshens week was really nice. It was on this week that I’ve meet some of my friends, I’ve meet manger from club, also I’ve meet people that told me about work places. Tbh in this week we did karaoke, went out, went for lunch, bowling etc. I really liked it and I still can smile and laugh when I think back in those times.

13 April 2018

I first moved into an accommodation called CB1 in cambridge. This was quite lively and they hosted common room evenings to help everyone socialise. The freshers events included foam party, Disney night, toga and Uv. The clubs in cambridge aren’t that great, they are all small and nothing amazing. It’s only really hard decent when it’s freshers and busy!

10 April 2018

I met loads of new people and it was fun. Didn’t spend a horrendous amount of money and managed to get absolutely spangled. Deffo worth it.

1 April 2018

I got to meet so many new people at Freshers Week. Totally recommend going to this uni's Freshers if you can pop by!

28 March 2018

Hardly any events on during freshers week that didn't involve clubbing or going pubs etc leading to a dull week prior to starting the course. Meeting new people was hard due to a lack of interesting events being on, so only able to meet other people during course welcome from the same course. Moving in was simple as they quickly gave you keys and directions once you arrived at the time slot that you chose which was good as didn't have to be there on their time. Looking for accommodation outside what the uni provided is usually better and sometimes cheaper so would recommend this over the uni housing which is severely overpriced for the rooms they give out.