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20 August 2018

Came to the university having never skied or snowboarded before but was instantly made welcome by the committee and the members! Socials every Tuesday we're the highlight of the week and easily the best on Tuesdays if not in the uni! (Trust me I tried a lot!) - lots of clubs may try to rip into snow but don't be fooled by their £3 memberships, snow sports is the best value for money you'll get! Value for money is also in the tour! The best week of my life by a mile! With some banging people too, and of course many memories made. I don't you're coming to Aber, be sure to join Snow! Join the family and you'll never be alone in your uni time.

27 June 2018

best society in the university. biggest and friendliest socials in the university makes it a great way to make friends even if youve never skied/snowboarded before uni. weekly dryslope sessions are fun and have helped me explore a new sport that i wouldn't have been able to before. And the tours are brilliantly organised. perfect balance of socialising and skiing. would recommend to everyone to try the socials at least once and see for themselves.

13 March 2018

Best dedication I made when coming to university. Extremely friendly group of people running a fantastic society full of great banter and fun socials every week along with trips and tours and dry slope sessions