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9 March 2018

I has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Wonderful people to support you both amongst students and staff. I wouldn't want to choose any other place to study. The sea itself, the landscapes and the opportunities are amazing as well. There are many facilities available, a gym for a student friendly price or for free if you live at university accommodation.

9 March 2018

This uni is great to me mainly because of the course (physical geography) where it feels complete i.e. lecturer's seem very interested in what they teach, content is very broad and interesting and the facilities may not all be amazing but are of a very high standard generally. The people are all friendly and there's a homely feel to the campus. The students union is good although the actual building and facilities here could do with an refurbishment. I feel the lecturer's deserve much more than they get from the uni at the moment for example the most recent strikes due to pensions.

3 March 2018

Loved the University and its atmosphere. It's definitely a university town with some great beeches to spend round a fire with friends in the evenings.Only issue for me was when I lived at the bottom of the hill and the hike up to the Uni campus. However the bars, restaurants and other establishments more than made up for it, and there was also busses to help. As for the departments, I can only comment on mine (international Politics) and they were extraordinarily helpful and I would recommend to anyone who wants to study in the fields of history or Politics to come here. The additional Crisis game day the department hosted at the manor house was a major positive in their favour along with them working with the society.

22 February 2018

Aberystwyth University is good but they keep changing my course modules, even after I applied for certain ones

19 February 2018

Class university, great night life, and good education, the campus location is ideal to the accommodation, and is the accommodation is nice, and relatively cheap as well. Student union is quite chilled compared to other universities, with just a bar and a few rec rooms. But atmosphere is still good. Food is also good in the cafes around the campus, but maybe a bit expensive.

9 February 2018

The University itself is a great place to study. A calm seaside town gives a good vibe all your round, especially with the amazing surrounding or mountains and the sea, this is a one of a kind University town

4 February 2018

Though some of the teaching staff are passionate and make the course worthwhile. There are many modules that overlap in their assignments and make it feel as though there is no point in learning the module.

2 February 2018

Best uni ever like ever ever ever ever omg I love it so much yes yes yes can you believe how great it is here fam lam omg

29 January 2018

In my opinion the Aberystwyth University was the best possible choice. Location of the town is really impressing the views are just beautifull, the people are really friendly and of course the teaching quality is very high

25 January 2018

Amazing university feels like being at home, couldn't be happier with my choice of coming here. Every single staff member cares about the students and will always fit in time to see us if we need to talk. The facilities are very good and there is more upgrading to buildings being done ... I love this university