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26 January 2019

Awesome university with incredible opportunities for sports and activities. Nights out in the student union are also very good with a good selection of bars and nights out.

26 January 2019

Good university, though very small l, Moreover, there are elements such as lectures lacking interest in subject areas, though the inverse is also true with truly passionate lecturer that bring lectures to life

26 January 2019

A great uni that I would recommend to my family at any point. The accommodation is fab if you get good flatmates.

26 January 2019

very good university so far, accommodation is really good and lectures are interesting easy to make friends in the seminars and group activities

26 January 2019

While attending Aberystwyth University i have had the best learning experience possible, not just academic but mentally, Before attending i was a shy and quiet person who always avoided social situation. Once i began attending I was introduced to all the clubs, societies and support the university had on offer, at first i was very shut away to attending any clubs, and the university accepted that and understood that it would take time, but i did take up the support they had on offer as i felt i needed it. This was when i really began to grow into my personality that i have now. I never knew i could be part of the crowd yet be so different and being accepted for it. Academic wise, I've never met a mean and stubborn lecturer, every lecturer will have office hours of which anyone can attend and ask for advice, they were always super welcoming and friendly, even if its the little things, it always went a long way for me. The way the lectures are structured also are great, they understand that some students will fall behind and need to catch up and so they make sure to record lectures and allow them to be available online for all students to view, which is great because the absent students can catch up on lectures and then be aware for the next lecture. Overall i would highly recommend Aberystwyth University, as it such a safe and welcoming environment.

26 January 2019

Aber Uni is class on a whole. Lectures are always quality content, with online recordings of the lectures available at any time, so missing lectures is no excuse for falling behind! A mixture of lectures, seminars and tutorials for all modules, and personal tutors, departmental leaders and impartial help always available. A society or sport for everyone. Accommodation not the best unless you pay for the most expensive student flats, but that's the same with most unis. Library redone on one floor, but maintenance of buildings overall fantastic. Gym membership is ferrers if you live in university owned accommodation, but if you live in town it is quite a trek up to campus (it's all uphill!)

3 July 2018

Sick uni, great town. Lecturers are great too. Halls very expensive. Easy to get to the beach from anywhere. Lots of pubs and places to eat. Not a lot to do aside from drink though.

15 June 2018

The best uni you could ask for. Don't let the lack of nightclubs put you off, as you get 50+ pubs, daily exercise on an intense level (everythig you need is up & down hills), and best of all... The beautiful beach! The only disadvantage is the lack of wheelchair accessibility on campus due to the nature of the terrain. Top uni though, couldn't recommend more!

12 June 2018

most beautiful amazing university full of great things to do and see and an amazing place to learn and study about soemthing you are passionate about

5 June 2018

The university is a predominantly white university is always hosting around campus is relatively easy. It can be hard finding people to fit in with because it is fantastic! It has been alright, could be better. The facilities, services and boring. Some tutors are great, getting around campus is relatively easy. It can be hard finding people to fit in with because it is a predominantly white university is a predominantly white university is always hosting around campus is relatively easy. It can be har

Tamsin Ratcliff
5 June 2018

We may not be a huge university, but the setting is the most beautiful in the world, and the way staff go about responding to any problem is phenomenal! It feels so personal an experience when your lecturers all know your name, and make an effort to ensure you're happy and doing your best. The fact you can get free gym membership if you stay in university accommodation is also fab!

4 June 2018

Nice place, it's a bit out of the way in terms of cities though. All in all good uni, some minor attention to detail parts wouldn't go amiss.

30 April 2018

There is an abundance of facilities at Aberysytwyth University, from the Hugh Owen Library to the Sports Gym. The campus is situated on the top of Aberystwyth and boasts a spectacular view of the town and sea. I decided to study International Politics here as the department is one of the oldest, yet esteemed in the world.

20 April 2018

Overall Aber uni is everything and more. It’s situated in a small, quiet seaside town that has brilliant nightlife. All of my lectures are very helpful and are always willing to give their time to see to any needs.

11 April 2018

Amazing, quite simple really, there is nothing that could be improved upon, it has everything, space, sports, societies, and a wonderful learning experience.

10 April 2018

Accommodation is very high quality. Clean and safe. The course can be a bit boring now and then however all of it helps. There are a lot of career services available in aber with a careers consultant

7 April 2018

I study Film and Television Studies and I am absolutely loving it. The tutors are really friendly and helpful, explaining modules very well. The equipment is really good too. Each year we upgrade with equipment such as cameras and mics. I am currently taking a creative studio module, where we are learning and participating in live television production. The studio and gallery are all up to scratch with industry standard equipment, which means we will have quality experience when looking for jobs.

6 April 2018

Brilliant uni! I've loved my time here, everyone has been so lovely and welcoming. Lecturers willing to help and science practicals are always fun.

5 April 2018

The only university blessed with amazing views and you get to see sunrise/sunset because we’re thag close to the seaside. Quiet place, exactly what you need instead of a busy city life. Perfect place to unwind and focus on your studies ♥️

4 April 2018

Up to date facilities to what I need to use. Few buildings that are older need work done. Course can be interesting but mostly boring. Don’t go to the students union as I focus on my assignments ahead of drinking

29 March 2018

Aberystwyth is a lovely university town on the very coast of West Wales. It's very inclusive with the town, just down the bottom of the hill. Taxis are cheap - only £4-£5 to go up the hill to the uni/accommodation from anywhere in town. It's a lovely university with great lecturers, mostly all of whom have written their own works!

20 March 2018

When you arrive at this uni its all glits and glam, but from the moment you return in your second year they really hit you hard. In my department they have introduced the merging of second and third year modules. so every year a new set of modules is up for either second or third years to partake in. but when it comes to the marking of the modules they tell you that they mark them separately but in much of my feedback in assignments and exams i get told that its not at the standard of a third year student. i am currently a second year student, being marked at a third year grade. The student union is always clean but often unorganised in its operationd. My overall expericence can be summed up in one word so far 'Meh'

16 March 2018

The university has some amazing staff that are willing to help with any problem faced when studying here. The town and scenery is also very beautiful.

13 March 2018

I thoroughly enjoy studying at Aberystwyth university and I feel my course has the perfect modules to lead me onto the right career path for me and I am positive I will land myself a great career after studying here and would highly recommend to anyone.