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Accommodation is very high quality. Clean and safe. The course can be a bit boring now and then however all of it helps. There are a lot of career services available in aber with a careers consultant


When you arrive at this uni its all glits and glam, but from the moment you return in your second year they really hit you hard. In my department they have introduced the merging of second and third year modules. so every year a new set of modules is up for either second or third years to partake in. but when it comes to the marking of the modules they tell you that they mark them separately but in much of my feedback in assignments and exams i get told that its not at the standard of a third year student. i am currently a second year student, being marked at a third year grade. The student union is always clean but often unorganised in its operationd. My overall expericence can be summed up in one word so far 'Meh'


Though some of the teaching staff are passionate and make the course worthwhile. There are many modules that overlap in their assignments and make it feel as though there is no point in learning the module.