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In a competitive market, you need to do all you can to get a better understanding of students. And that’s where the Student Hut Opinion Panel comes in. From Online Surveys, to Concept Testing, our dedicated market research team utilise over 26,000 engaged students to help you understand your products, your brand, and the effectiveness of your marketing.

Three reasons why you’ll want to work with us

  • 1. We can support and give you data that is unbiased and unfiltered, without the prism of your brand impacting on the results.

  • 2. Our experts can inform your research project, ensuring that it will be in line with the latest developments and actually actionable.

  • 3. We’re accredited by the Market Research Society, which demonstrates that you work to the highest professional standards

Student Hut is part of Natives, the student specialist marketing group. Our integrated approach to research means that we  have access to an unrivalled range of skills and expertise to inform our recommendations and next steps.  

Who can I target?

We can run hyper targeted projects based on your specific requirements.

WTF! Just some of the insights we’ve uncovered this month:

⅓ of students would delete Twitter from their phone

42% of students would be turned off by a brand if they produced a ‘cringeworthy’ advert

96% of students think more than one email per week is too much to receive from a brand