How we rank Student Influencers

What is Student Hut Student Influencers

Student Hut Student Influencers is the only free to use social media benchmarking software dedicated to student influencers.

A comprehensive list didn’t exist, so we built it for you. Then, the same experts behind Edurank created a unique algorithm to rank student influencers by engagement.

The Methodology

What exactly is the Student Influencer score?

Student Hut Student Influencers is the only social media measurement tool that covers all major social media platforms and has been created and designed specifically for the student audience. Student Influencer scores are updated monthly with the previous month’s data being displayed.

Where do we get the data for Student Influencers?

We take data integrity very seriously and only use the best quality sources for Student Influencers. Where possible we always take data directly from the source. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube data is taken directly from the individual’s profile pages on the respective platforms.

How does the Student Influencer rank work?

To rank how successful our Student Influencers are across social media we have created a unique algorithm that uses relevant metrics and weightings that focus on influence.

Student Influencer Rank takes data directly from four of the main social media platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and analyses:

  • Follower size
  • Follower growth
  • Number of posts/videos
  • Engagements/views per follower
  • Engagements/views per post/video
  • Shares/retweets.

Our algorithm weighs each of these metrics in accordance with their impact on how influential someone is: e.g. their follower size having more impact than the number of retweets.

Each Student Influencer's score is then normalised against every other Student Influencer in its category. The scores for each platform range from 0 (no profile exists), to 100 (top score).

The most influential person on each platform will get a score of 100, we then take an average of the scores they achieve for each platform they are active on to provide them with an overall rank.

This is Student Hut Student Influencer Rank.

Q: Why doesn’t Snapchat or Tik Tok appear on the rank?

At the moment neither Snapchat nor Tik Tok have an open API, meaning we can’t simply plug in our software to analyse the data. As and when this changes, we will!

Q: I’m an Student Influencer, can I appear on Student Hut Student Influencers?

Of course you can. Just sign up here

Any more questions? Just contact us!