Top Home Insurance for 2020

Top home insurance based on student reviews collected over 2019.

Want to know what home insurance students use? So did we. So we asked them. We surveyed 250 students on our Student Hut Opinion Panel to bring you the best student essentials. Students ranked the best home insurance providers out of 10, on things like price per-month, the extent of cover and incentives. Here are the top phone contract recommendations for students, by students.

1. Admiral

Admiral is a tried-and-true option for students across the country. In a big win for students, it covers communal spaces as well as your room, perfect for halls and student housing.

2. Home Protect

Spilt your tea on your laptop? Dropped your phone on your tiled floor? Home Protect has you covered. Living in a range of different houses with changing circumstances, this might be the insurance provider you're looking for.

3. More Than

These guys give you the opportunity to replace old items with new ones and offer up to £200 home emergency assistance. Offering building and contents cover, More Than goes the extra mile.

4. Endsleigh

The Insurance Choice Awards voted them the 'Best Student Insurance Provider' at the ICAs 2019, so it must be good. Starting at less than two quid per month, this one is a would-recommend.

5. Aviva

Including everything from phones to bikes, Aviva provides a pretty comprehensive insurance package. They did a study that found students take three grand’s worth of stuff to uni. So make sure you get it insured.

6. Barclays 

Barclays are at it again, showing off that they’re more than just a bank. They’ll cover you for everything inside and stuff in your garden. And if that’s not enough, they’re chucking in shopping vouchers.

7. Buzzvault

Despite sounding a bit like a bank, these guys know their insurance stuff. They’re pretty modern, at the other end of a video call to answer any questions whether you’re a customer or not. They’ve got a student discount too.

8. Churchill

Not just the company that uses a now skateboarding dog as their mascot, Churchill’s been around for ages. And there’s a good few reasons they’ve survived the years. Reliable and reputed.


Does what it says in the URL. They’ll cover you on a range of electronics, so you can rest assured when you inevitably break something, you won’t blow your whole loan replacing it.

10. Switched On

Never worry about being disconnected with Switched On. They cover your gadgets whether you are at home or university, or if travelling abroad for up to 120 days per year.