Top Credit Cards for 2021

Top credit cards based on student reviews collected this year.

Want to know what the best credit cards for students are? So did we. So we asked them. We surveyed 350 students on our Student Hut Opinion Panel to bring you the best student essentials. Students ranked the best credit cards out of 10, on things like boosting credit score, credit limit, rewards, low charges and ease of use. Here are the best credit cards for students.

1. Aqua Reward

If you're looking for foolproof way of building your credit score, Aqua Reward is the card for you.
As the only card to offer 0.5% cash back rewards, it's perfect for managing your day-to-day expenses.

2. Natwest

With low rates and 0% transfers, it's easy to see why NatWest is one of Britain's most widely used credit card providers.

3. Tesco Bank Foundation Card

The grocery giants are a great option for your first credit card. With oversight into every spend, credit alerts and score factors, you’ll be able to curate a fantastic credit rating for the future.

4. TSB Student Card

Whilst TSB offers a wide variety of credit cards, their Student Card is ideal for uni thanks to its no-interest payments. It's also compatible with Apple & Google Pay, which is a big plus!


This one's for the jet setters among us. You can use the HSBC card with ease, around the world, in your way. Bank from anywhere using just your phone.