Top Broadbands for 2020

Top Broadbands based on student reviews collected over 2019.

Want to know what broadband is best for your student house? So did we. So we asked them. We surveyed 250 students on our Student Hut Opinion Panel to bring you the best student essentials. Students ranked the best broadband providers in the UK accounts out of 10, on things like price, internet speed, rewards and incentives. Here are the top bank account recommendations for students, by students.

1. Hyperoptic Fibre Broadband

Hyperoptic Fibre Broadband is a great choice for any tech-minded student, offering broadband over 18x faster than the UK's average speed.

2. Virgin Media Fibre Broadband

Reliable and widely-used, Virgin Media is a great option for students looking for superfast fibre broadband. With up to 362Mbps average download speeds, it's available throughout the UK.

3. Now Broadband

Offering Unlimited & Super-fast Fibre broadband for £25 a month, it's no wonder that Now broadband has become a favourite amongst students.

4. Post Office Broadband

It’s 2020. The Post Office is doing much, much more than just delivering letters. In fact, their broadband service is a favourite among students for its speed, affordability and £0 upfront 12-month contracts.

5.  BT Broadband

With speeds of up to 67mb, BT’s broadband is a big hit with students. Whether you’re an avid gamer, or live in a household with 85,736 others all streaming Netflix at the same time, their superfast fibre option is a must.

6. Sky Broadband Unlimited

Similarly, Sky broadband is great for student households with lots of occupants. They guarantee seamless streaming on up to 10 devices, and boast download speeds of up to a whopping 145Mbps on ultrafast.

7. EE Unlimited Broadband

We’ve all been there. In the middle of a crucial essay when... bam! The internet drops out. Not with EE, it doesn’t. They leverage their vast 4G and 5G networks to make sure you’re covered at all times.

8. Talk Talk

TalkTalk has long been lauded as one of the best value for money broadband providers out there. Coming in at just under 20 quid a month, they’re ideal for students, and don’t even charge a connection or set up fee.

9. Vodafone

Like EE, Vodafone have branched out into home internet services in recent years, and if you’re a mobile customer with them, you won’t have to pay anything up front to switch. uSwitch even named them best value broadband provider last year, making them even more ideal for students.

10. Plusnet Unlimited

Plusnet prides itself on its simplicity. Students looking for straight up, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin broadband, with award-winning customer service need look no further. Unlimited fibre. £22.99 per-month. Simply outrageous value.