COVID-19 is creating unrelenting change for everyone. Students are no longer taking exams, education is moving online, and entire societies are in lockdown.

Each day brings new measures and impacts. To be agile and understand how COVID-19 is impacting students' views, actions, and mental health, we need to talk to them. And you need tangible insights to inform how to support and engage a student audience. 

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Student Hut has the UK's most engaged and diverse panel, from our audience of 1 million users and over 130,000 subscribers.

COVID-19 will dominate all decisions over the next 6 months, so we have created the Student Hut COVID-19 Tracker.

Each fortnight we will monitor changes in student attitudes over this period.

If you want to receive fortnightly updates on student attitudes, sign up here for our free top-level findings direct to your inbox. You can also upgrade to our premium subscription for full access to the entire COVID-Tracker findings; this is a paid-for subscription service, so that we can reward the students who take part.


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The Office for Students chose the Student Hut Opinion Panel to understand the views of key student groups; including applicants, undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates, to measure the impact of the OfS and its projects in England. 

Now we are using our panel and prospective students of universities and colleges in 2020 and beyond, to find out what impact COVID-19 will have on their education and consumer choices.


Just a couple of headline stats from our most recent survey. 

  • Over half of students are concerened about the impact the virus will have on their education.

  • 1 in 3 students would rather go to a university with more online/distance learning when choosing where to go in September 2020.

  • 44% of students are looking at online course provider instead.

  • 4 in 5 students still plan to go to the events they have planned.