You've been receiving the weekly student insights from the COVID Tracker for the last twelve weeks now, and we know, you've been thinking to yourself, all good things must come to an end... But not with the Covid Tracker. Because good news, we're extending the project. There's still so much more to learn and so much left to be uncovered.

Beyond this week, we'll be continuing to track, measure and investigate students' feelings towards the pandemic and produce fortnightly reports. All you need to do is renew your membership here to keep learning and listening, with packages starting from just £300. You will also have the opportunity to ask bespoke questions and receive your own institution-specific data to benchmark against national findings. So what are you waiting for?

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  • The Covid Tracker research has been consistently fascinating and useful. For us, and our broad audience of decision-makers at every level and in every corner of higher education. The way in which the team at Student Hut have kept pace with the news and tested student sentiment towards it has kept the insights fresh and actionable.

    Editor, WonkHE

  • Our team here are finding it really useful so everyone waits with anticipation for the next report.

    Marketing Director, UK University

  • At the very early stages of Covid-19, Student Hut proactively contacted us to understand the impact of the situation on the Higher Education sector and how they could help. The Covid-19 student tracker was set up from the very start of the outbreak and within a week of initial discussions was in place. This has allowed us to closely monitor student reactions and react accordingly ensuring we were able to support our students and applicants in the best possible ways.

    Insight Manager, UK University


Just a couple of headline stats from our most recent reports...

  • Students are now 2x more likely to consider taking a gap year

  • 1 in 3 students would rather go to a university
    with more online/distance learning when
    choosing where to go in September 2020

  • 44% of students are looking at online
    course providers instead

  • 3 in 4 students are calling for universities to refund their tuition fees due to ongoing university closures