Top Meal Kits for 2022

The best UK meal kit providers, based on student reviews collected this year.


1. HelloFresh

According to HelloFresh, their meal kits offset 100% of the carbon they produce.

You can often find them sponsoring YouTubers, offering discount codes to apply to your first orders. With no commitment period, you can cancel your kit deliveries at any time.

2. Gousto

Gousto has an incredible offer of 60% off your first box and free delivery.

Sustainable packaging and a plastic-free insulator keeps the food fresh on its way to you. You will occasionally receive surprise gifts too!

3. SimplyCook

In a letterbox-sized package, you will receive spice mixes and other ingredients, to combine with 4-6 ingredients from your cupboard.

A free first box makes SimplyCook's offering too good to refuse.

4. Pasta Evangelists

Lovers of pasta will be thrilled to receive authentic dishes that can be prepared in five minutes. There's even a student discount and the possibility to earn money off future orders by referring friends to the service.

5. Mindful Chef

Focusing on healthy recipes designed by nutritionists, this meal kit is great for those wanting to change to or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unlike many other meal kit services, there are one-person options.

6. Lions Prep

All Lions Prep meals come pre-prepared and need only be re-heated. Sustainably packaged menus that change every two weeks are cooked by professional chefs before being delivered to your door.

7. Abel & Cole

If you are veggie, vegan, or looking to reduce your meat consumption, Abel & Cole provide organic meat-free meal kits.

Each week, you can pick from a variety of new recipes, and the ingredients will be delivered in reusable, returnable boxes.

8. Green Chef

Another health-focused meal kit, Green Chef has five dietary options to choose from, including being the UK's first keto-friendly meal kit. They provide highly detailed nutrition information and you can even mix and match the dietary options.

9. Plateaway

Choose from a variety of restaurants and pick meal kits that bring that restaurant's food to your kitchen. Great for special occasions or even just an indulgent treat. They will soon be launching a subscription service for which you can sign up to hear about updates.

10. Purple Carrot

This plant-based meal service can come to you either as meal kits or prepared meals.

The menu changes weekly and they have options available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.