Top Financial Tools for 2022

The top financial tools, based on student reviews collected this year.

1. Splitwise

A great app for helping friends or housemates figure out how much they owe each other.

Easily keep track of expenses incurred or amounts due for bills and pay people back exact percentages/splits of the sum.

2. Plum

Plum offers many services with the aim of helping you better build your savings.

Link your bank account to the app and it will track your spending and put away small amounts of savings automatically.

3. Emma

This money management app connects all your accounts. From there you can keep track of any subscriptions, cancelling any you don't use. It also helps you to sync your expenses with your payday and avoid costly overdrafts.

4. QuidCo

Get money back on your purchases at popular online retailers with Quidco. Simply make an account and click through to the online retailers and, once the purchase is verified, a slice of the commission will be added to your account.


5. PocketGuard

If you want to see your spending broken down in easy-to-understand graphics, PocketGuard can help you.

Set goals, track your bills, and view your accounts alongside each other with this useful tool.

6. Money Dashboard

This budgeting app lets you set up alerts for your account balances, customise how your spending is categorised, and see in-depth breakdowns of your spending history.

7. Snoop

Snoop provides loads of useful budgeting options, including automatic saving tools, spending alerts, and financial tips. In the app, you will see a feed of "Snoops", which are personalised money-saving tips.

8. You Need A Budget (YNAB)

According to YNAB, their approach to saving money is based on proven, simple techniques.

Aiming to help you build full control of your finances, the app will have you assigning "jobs" for every pound in your account.

9. The Bunch

Choose the utilities you need as a student and The Bunch will gather them into one monthly payment split between you and your housemates.

You will only pay your share and can easily manage your account with their service.

10. Simplifi

A comprehensive, in-depth, and award-winning budgeting service, with both a mobile and desktop app.

It automatically generates spending plans that you can customise to suit your needs.