Top European Cities for 2022

The best cities in Europe, based on student reviews collected this year.


1. Paris

Whether it's a romantic getaway or a break with your mates, Paris is sure to sweep you off your feet.

Top tip: climb to the top of the hill in Montmartre for the most stunning view ever.

2. Barcelona

 You'll never run out of things to do in Barcelona. The Catalan capital features eclectic nightlife, award-winning restaurants, and street entertainment for the city slickers, while Barca's sandy coastline and Gaudi parks will appeal to the beach loungers and nature lovers.

3. Amsterdam

The Dutch capital is popular with everyone who visits.

The laid-back local culture and wealth of parks, museums, bars, and more make this a place everyone should come and check out at least once.

4. Rome

The Italian capital is an incredible city for both uni holidays and romantic getaways.

The city centre's unique contrast of ancient ruins alongside modern buildings is a sight to behold, and you'll do better to find a capital that does better food!

5. Berlin

Berlin is a party lover's dream, with crazy club events that often last entire weekends. If going out isn't your thing, don't worry though; you'll still be charmed by the city's wonderful sights and incredible history.

6. Dublin

Dublin is great for a weekend break, partially because it's the shortest flight you'll ever have to catch.

If you're spending a night out on the town, be sure to stop off at the iconic Temple Bar.

7. Prague

Another European city with a distinctly old feel to it; you'll do well to have more fun on a budget in any of Europe's other cities.

A place where you can get lunch and a beer for less than £10, what's not to love?

8. Budapest

Budapest is another European heavyweight that regularly earns rave reviews from tourists. The glorious architecture and ornate bridges will take your breath away, while the trendy Jewish Quarter is the perfect place to spend an evening making new friends.

9. Milan

Whether you're after an extended break or a weekend away, Italy's fashion capital is a wonderful city for a university getaway.

You'll never be short of things to do in Milan.

10. Munich

Come to Munich when it isn't Oktoberfest and we promise you'll still have a good time.

Bavaria's largest city is surrounded by stunning countryside and has a lot to offer itself, with gardens and museums aplenty.