Stone Roses

27th in Nightlife
1st in York

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21 November 2018

Fantastic music and great drinks. Atmosphere is great on student nights but the age range can be quite diverse on other nights. Tables can be quite sticky but otherwise a great bar for before a student night out

21 November 2018

Very lively atmosphere and love the blue shits very cheap Aswell which is good for students! Often go before I go to clubs as can become a bit samey after a while

21 November 2018

A very friendly atmosphere filled with a lot of british indie music - you can request songs on the jukebox or with the dj (depending on the night). You pretty much have to order a 'blue sh*t' - basically a treble vodka with an unknown blue mixer and if you show your student card it's between £3-4. There's also one of those punch machines which are always a laugh before you get a few blue sh*ts deep and start embarrassingly dancing to the songs of your youth!

21 November 2018

Always a great atmosphere, great music and famous for its fabulous drink the 'blue shit'. Would fully recommend for pre drinks!

21 November 2018

The venue is amazing fairly old bar with newish furniture along side a ton of bad pictures, album covers and posters lining the walls it's just big enough to have lots of space but at the same time just small enough to have an amazing atmosphere. The atmosphere is just stunning when busy it's like been at a concert as everyone sings along to the modern jukebox while drinking and occasionally dancing speaking of the music it's of amazing taste lots of rock, pop punk and alternative music is what is normally chosen on the jukebox but there are pop and other options available if that's what you into. The venue thrives on student the offer student discounts which makes it a great place for students to go have one drink or have an entire pres there if they want the value for money is great as they do triple mixers for around £2.50 which is amazing value compared with everywhere else in york. Overall it is the best bar in town and I would highly recommended a visit if anyone is ever in york.

10 August 2018

The best thing about Stroses is definitely the blue shit (triple vodka) at a student friendly price! Definitely the place to go before hitting the club!

9 July 2018

Great music as always and I really enjoy that drama. Not a big venue but enough room and the floor is often very sticky. Drinks are a good price and the venue is very clean on the whole.

1 July 2018

Good vibe with deco in their being very different to other bars, good music most of the time. Good place to go before heading to a club, as drinks are a descent prince The blue shit is amazing value/the go to drink for a student budget (around £3.30 if you show student card) :))

11 June 2018

Stone roses is a must at the start of our nights out, we always end up there and go there first, the drinks and cheap the music is great and it's always lively, if you're going GET A BLUE S**T the best drink, triple vodka and blue lemonade for £2.70 with a student card! we start at stone roses then usually go to whatever club night is on (fibbers, society and as cheesy as it is popworld are my faves) and if you can always end the night on a salt and pepper

30 April 2018

Always good drinks on offer, great music and a good atmosphere. I don’t think I’ve had a bad night out that’s ended in stone roses.

24 April 2018

Good music, and a lively atmosphere. Very student friendly. Student deals make it a lot cheaper. Toilets always smell bad

22 April 2018

Amazing student friendly bar, serving cheap drinks with a student discount, and playing music unlike any other bar in york.

19 April 2018

It's an okay club, bit misleading with the prices sometimes, shots are overly priced but decent music

18 April 2018

It doesn't matter what the vibe of the night is, whether it's pints and pool, or a mad one you won't fully remember, this place is always a go to! There blue sh*ts are the best pre drink in York, great value for money. Music is always top-notch. Staff are friendly, and the locals are always a laugh. Only down side is that its so popular that the queue does become a little unbearable at times!

10 April 2018

Student friendly - discount drinks, good music, always busy on weekends, good place for pre drinks or a full night out as it’s open till 2am

8 April 2018

The Stone Roses bar is the best bar in York without a doubt, the blue drink that every student will know as ‘blue shit’ and not actually know it’s real name or what’s in it bar knowing it’s a treble vodka, is the cheapest drink and the best. Three will get you steaming. The music is quality and the people in there are always friendly. Love it.

3 April 2018

Very student friendly, cheap drinks and a good atmosphere. The bar itself is quite light, which some may enjoy, but I think lighting could be dimmed a little to increase atmosphere. The music is great if you like indie or 80s, or a combo of both, although they could definitely play more 80s during the week. All in all one of York's best student bars.

17 March 2018

Really good atmosphere, friendly staff, good drinks, and plenty of entertainment. -Finally found a bar where I know the majority of the music playing

12 March 2018

A really good student venue, with super cheap drinks and a warm atmosphere. Gross toilets, but that's part of the vibe. Drink enough blue s*** and it won't matter. Great songs, could do with more classics and more 80s, but always good for a boogie. Perfect place for pres.

7 March 2018

Stone Roses is a bar with the best music in York. If you’re sick of cheesy pop music or chart rubbish then you’ll definitely like it here. Toilets can be a bit grotty and the floor can be sticky but what else do you expect from a bar populated by mainly students? Would definitely rate stone roses

7 March 2018

The music here is Great, with the duke box being a nice touch and regular dj nights student deals are fair and run throughout the week. atmosphere is always buzzing and always feel safe. Security is always good too, fair and friendly, which can be uncommon in York and some bouncers can be rude, especially to students. The venue is always clean and it is defiantly a friendly environment and never feel unsafe in there. Staff behind the bar are lovely and polite and offer quick service. Entry is always free so it's easy to go on a night out on a student budget and is an ideal bar to spend the whole night in or to go for a few cheap pre drinks before going clubbing in the town. Djs are always really polite and listen to our requests and usually always play them. Overall, just a great night out.

23 February 2018

This is a very good bar and the staff are very nice and the food was very good and inlike to fish in there fush bowl cuz it makes my toes feel weird

21 February 2018

Always has a good atmosphere, very friendly to students, could be bigger but it’s never packed anyway. Not bad value for money.

5 February 2018

Stone Roses Bar plays brilliant music. Seen some decent live bands here too. Cheapish drinks. Down to earth place. Nice place to start the night