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4th in York

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25 November 2018

Good but not good variety of music. Bouncers can be pushy and takes forever to get a drink at the bar.

25 November 2018

Large and open venue with multiple floors, brilliant and varied music and great party atmosphere. Bars upstairs and downstairs so queues often short and great value for money on drinks. Fab especially on a Wednesday for UoY sports social night.

25 November 2018

Salvos is the light of many peoples lives at York, a guarantee of a good night out! Whether you want cheesy throwbacks up stairs or some chart hits downstairs, salvos caters for everyone! The atmosphere is applaudable, so grab your green vk and get to the dance floor.

25 November 2018

Salvation has many of student events throughout the week, for both universities in york. There are two floors of which play different types of music, downstairs which plays more mainstream music and upstairs more throwbacks and r n b. It has a brilliant atmosphere, and is in a good location

25 November 2018

Sweaty as all hell but good music and good vibe, drinks are cheap with loads of offers and society before hand is always a blast, good amount of space to dance and two areas with different genre of music so whoever you are you can have a decent night- also prime location by the bus stop and Salt and Pepper

25 November 2018

A salvo Wednesday is a classic and a must go to. 100% go if you can with a decent group and you will have an absolute blast.

25 November 2018

This might be the sweatiest and worst club in York, but no student can resist a Salvo Wednesday. That's when all of the sport societies go dressed up in very questionable themed costumes. The prices are very reasonable for students, definitely the cheapest student night of the week hence good time is guaranteed. Also a bonus, the girls bathroom has a separate room with a sofa ready for a cheeky gossip sesh.

25 November 2018

The venue is good as everyone from the uni goes on the same nights and so the 'student night' aspect is good as all your friends are there when you are. The drinks were more of a reasonable price in freshers but have become more expensive throughout my degree. Would be good if I was bigger as especially the upstairs is quite small and gets very crowded.

25 November 2018

Amazing place, although it does get very hot and sweaty!! Cheap drinks and the buckets are great. The music is fab as there are 2 different floors, and the smoking area is always a lit place to hang out. The toilets are always packed and a bit dirty, but a good night out all in all!

25 November 2018

They let too many people in and it's always packed can't ever move and they've never heard of air conditioning and drinks are cheaper at kuda

25 November 2018

Great venue for students - fun music and always very full. Queues can be long sometimes but always worth the while.

25 November 2018

Really good venue for getting food after the night, access to a bar with really cheap drinks. Music is always really good and great value for money in terms of entry and drinks.

25 November 2018

Great venue, great music, spacious smoking area and amazing platinum card feature to skip the queue, by far the best night out in york, if you don't mind the queue and the sweat.

9 August 2018

The venue has good music and a friendly vibe. Can get too busy at times and needs better air con lol

12 June 2018

Good DJs, two floors of different music. Gets very busy. Everyone is really friendly and it is a popular club night. £5 entry and you can get your pictures taken for free. Drinks are reasonably priced.

11 June 2018

Terrible. The music is awful, loads of terrible remixes of pop songs. Always rammed. Floor is disgusting as are the toilets. Only fairly positive thing is the drinks prices but that’s probably because it’s all cheap stuff. The vodka tastes like battery acid. My advice would be to sack off all the clubs in York and sample some of the bars and pubs — there’s over 300 and they’re probably all 10x more decent than a club night out.

11 June 2018

Absolutely awful. Play terrible music, bad remixes. Always rammed and stinks of booze. Toilets are gross, loads are broken. Only fairly positive point is that drinks prices are dirt cheap but that’s probably because it’s all terrible quality. The vodka tastes like battery acid. Personally, I would recommend skipping out on ALL the clubs in york and sample some of the bars and pubs — there’s over 300 of them!!!!

31 May 2018

Uni of York has a Wednesday club night here which is also on the same day as sports societies’ night out after a game. So on a Wednesday this place is hit n miss because it can be overcrowded n stuff- BUT on a Friday York St John have a night here and it’s way more fun. Two floors play different music so ur probably going to find something you like, the ‘smoking area’ is the nicest out of all the clubs and bars in york, and the drinks are about the same price as other clubs (still way cheaper than London). Always fun, would recommend- reaaaalllyyy easy to get to on the UoY bus routes.

3 May 2018

The music in there is dated, with the standard playlist centred around ‘mr brightside’ on repeat every time. Venue itself whilst a decent size, turns into a sauna when the number of people inside gets past 100. Drinks are quite cheap though so you can get drunk enough to somewhat enjoy it. However, the bouncers are possibly the worst I have ever experienced with personal issues with them but also from stories from mates. Makes for a very unpleasant experience from start to finish. If it weren’t for sports socials being hosted there it would be out of busy by now.

28 April 2018

Always good atmosphere. Always busy, maybe too busy. Bouncers are arse holes. Queue is always rammed, so have to get there early.

27 April 2018

Excellent atmosphere, excellent music, excellent prices. This club is perfect for students and the sports night on a Wednesday is the place to be!

12 April 2018

This venue is great for students on a student night as well as on normal nights. It has a great atmosphere and they play a range of music so there is something for everyone. The drinks are also reasonably priced and the card limit is only £5 which is reasonable compared to other bars in york. It is also close to the student bus stop which is handy. Over the road is the society bar which is under the same management and is a great alternative if salvation is too busy.

22 March 2018

Really good mixture of music, fun on a sports night and on Fridays, two floors, drinks not too expensive and overall just good fun.

16 March 2018

Brilliant club very relaxed where you don’t feel like you need to dress up but can if you want, never had a bad night there.