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28 November 2018

A very cosy club. Great for Sunday's and opting for a generally good time. Would recommend going to everyone

28 November 2018

The venue is stylish, modern and has the space to hold large capacities. The drinks are delicious and they have a wide range of cocktails to choose from, (my favourite is the miami mama!). The 2-4-1 deals they hold at happy hour during the evening is very popular with students and with a Revs card the deal is available all the time. The food menu is variable however could be inproved by more smaller (and cheaper) bites for the student customers. Revolution student nights for University of York on a Sunday night is very popular and holds many drink deals which makes the usual tasty drinks cheaper to make the night popular within societys, sports and any other student! The music throughout the week, especially on a sunday, is modern and ranges from pop to all other genres of music and caters for people who would like a relaxing meal throughout the day and changes to more upbeat songs on the night time. This is well thoughtout and when the venue is full there is a DJ which changes the music according to the people who are in the venue. Although the venue is large, holding 3 bars and an upstairs section, during week days i have noticed only the main bar is open which has left customers waiting up to half an hour at busy times as there is not many staff on that bar. This has also led to myself and others leaving the entire venue!

20 June 2018

A relatively good night with good music. The venue itself is very aesthetically pleasing and is very pretty. However, the bouncers are very unfriendly. This is because they are very heavy handed and almost look for trouble. By far they are the most angry, annoying and aggressive bouncers I have ever come across. But apart from that the student night is quite good.

10 April 2018

When students think Revolution at York they think of Sunday Revs- everybody’s favourite night of the week where students let go and have a good time. Revs specialise in their wide range of vodkas available with unusual flavours like cheesecake. There are usually two rooms with different styles of music to suit contemporary tastes. But Revs is more than just vodka and student nights, it has amazing value food and cheap deals throughout the week with up to 50% off food during the weekdays. The food is extremely good value and of high quality. I would much recommend for a mid week meal and the bar is located beside the river so what’s not to like!

24 March 2018

By far the best club for holding student nights in York. The music is always something you can dance to and the atmosphere is great. The price is still an issue paying £4 for a double in comparison with other clubs where it is around £2.50.

23 March 2018

Nice venue but s but small, music is good on a student night but the drinks are a bit pricey. The que to get in never takes to long and it always brings in a good crowd, it has a really nice smoking area as well, it’s a nice place to catch some air for smokers and non smokers

14 March 2018

Can be kind of expensive but if you get a revs card you get 2 for 1 cocktails and discounts on shot sticks and food so it's worth buying.

6 March 2018

The DJ upstairs in Revolution has one if not the best playlist in the whole of York. That ensures there is always a great night in Revs whether its just a few or a whole group of your friends.

25 February 2018

Best night out in York! Cocktails are lovely too, a bit step but with 2for1 is well worth it. Only issue for Sunday Revs is the weird sick smell near the bar on the right when you first go in.

12 December 2017

The venue is not ideal for student nights out, especially on busy nights like Sunday Revs. Often half the venue is closed off for the entirety of the night despite it being rammed. Also, the drinks are much more expensive in comparison to other nights out in york. It doesn't help that the staff also tends to overcharge students.