Lord Mayor's Walk

14th in York

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14 March 2018

Good: Standard rooms - warm, lots of storage, big desk and a window. Always warm (Even in the hallways). Cleaners are the loveliest, friendliest most enthusiastic people considering the crap they have to clean. Shower is modern and lovely. Toilets always clean. Bad: Kitchens are awful - one tiny fridge and one tiny freezer to 7+ people. You’ll never fit more than 3 of your own items of food in at one time and be prepared for them being stolen right back out! Noisy!!! It’s an old as hell building, with windows that have as much use as paper in regards to noise - lots and lots of noise. I average around 7-10 hours of sleep a WEEK due to people going out from 9pm-1am, then coming home 2am-7am. I’ve been quite ill because of it. Fire doors banging all day and all night long because other people have no respect. Food card included in rent which is handy considering the fridge and freezer issue! Overall... Overpriced. Warm, storage, clean, safe. Great way to make friends and memories. Noisy all week and even more at weekend. No common room.

2 March 2018

It provides the very bare essentials like a place to sleep, a srudy space, toilets, showers and a kitchen which does not include an oven. The lack of an oven leaves me with few options as to what to eat when it concerns vegetables since theres not much option elsewhere on campus either. The windows are clearly very old and need to be replaced, i have to keep mine open 24/7 because my room seems to be prone to black mould and rhe windows are quite stiff. The fuse in the kitchen keeps on blowing leaving us having to use another blocks kitchen. The vent in the shower doesnt work properly so alot of steam builds up making it hard to breathe while showering. Fire alarms go off every single wednesday at 11am which would be fine if they chose a later time. It is located on campus which is convenient however we are located right next to the students union which gets really noisy on certain nights. There is also no elavators for the disabled nor is there any disabled access points in the building. There is a sink in my room whixh is convenient however sometimea it randomly makes a gargly noise and also releases cloudy water. My advice is to spend that extra money and choose a different accommodation.

3 January 2018

Lord Mayors Walk is the perfect halls for those night owls, whether you’re in the library late into the night, or in the SU for a cheeky one with everything on your door step and the best of the night life not to far from you it’s got it all, socially it’s perfect for those spontaneous kettle chats, and with decent sized rooms you can always chill in your mates room listening to a pre-drinks playlist