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28 November 2018

Langwith is not only one of the newest colleges, but it also has so many amenities. The glasshouse, one of the campus bars, is it's central building, which also has a reception and laundry room. Reception have board games you can borrow and are always on hand to help. Langwith rooms are a great size, even en-suite, and the common areas have sofas and tv's with Netflix. This means you can spend so much more time in with your flatmates rather than having to use someone's room to communially hang out. The houses are lovely and feel really homey but the flats are also great and not too noisey. Langwith is also next to the piazza which has a restaurant, Starbucks and library, and is across the road from a supermarket, Greggs and gp.

28 November 2018

The rooms had 3/4 comfy beds and an en-suite that was small but all you needed. There was a big L shaped sofa in the kitchen which was nice and meant that uni was that bit more social for movie nights etc. There were enough cookers and fridges that made fitting everything you needed in possible and cooking at the same time. The only negative was the cleaning staff were strict. If you left something small on the counter they wouldn't clean the whole kitchen.

28 November 2018

Although the accommodation is newly built to a high modern standard, including 3/4 beds abd ensuite, it's location on Hes East means its ultimately dead. Wouldn't recommend for sociable people, waste of money as too high of a price. Have to rely on buses to go anywhere

28 November 2018

The room is spacious and beautiful; I love my pink walls and matching notice board! Have everything local eg post room, on campus supermarket and an ATM.

28 November 2018

I think Langwith must be amazing if you're a fresher, but as an international postgrad it is just not lovely: screaming every night, no information and not being included in the college meal on Thursdays. A bit left out unfortunately!

28 November 2018

I had a fabulous time in my first year at langwith college. The accommodation itself it's modern and spacious, with plenty of storage room. The social side of the college is fantastic, with regular events and formals, and a brilliant freshers week to kick it all off.

3 July 2018

The location is Heslington East which only has a few subject area departments. However despite my course being taught on Heslington West I had no trouble commuting. It is a two minute walk and 4 minute bus journey. If I wanted to walk alone it would take 20 minutes. Langwith is the centre of the Heslington East campus and the social experience shows it. With the Glasshouse bar for food and drinks, and several brand new amenities it is increasingly catering for ever students needs. The glasshouse also holds Marmite events whiereby it turns into a club/dance floor scene. The facilities are excellent. I had a shared bathroom but had no problem with this as there is a cleaner once a week. My room was more spacious because I shared a bathroom. The bed is quite large and there is sufficient closet and desk space. From seeing other people’s rooms in Langwith I would choose shared bathroom simply to have the extra space.

27 June 2018

The facilities of my halls were great with a double bed and great ensuite. The actual college was also great. However my room which faced a car park received no light like everyone on the north facing side of the halls. Along with this, sharing a kitchen with 12 people wasn’t the best of set ups as the amount of appliances didn’t cater for 8 people cooking at dinner time at once. The flat was nice enough but it wasn’t worth £6,700 a year. The bus links to my course building in town were also great so I can’t complain about location. It’s far but it’s easy to go anywhere via the 66.

22 April 2018

Heslington East Campus is quiet, but with its better quality accommodation, newer facilities and now a Nisa, Doctor surgery and restaurants, it is fast becoming the best campus to be on. Glasshouse bar is nice, cheap and buzzing. Langwith accommodation is premium ensuite, double beds, large new rooms built in 2012. Now has TVs in the kitchens and sofas. At £151 a week it’s a bit pricey though

9 April 2018

The locations was on Heslington East, the other campus which is located a little further out, but 10 minutes to the other campus via bus which was free so that was useful. However, getting into York centre was more difficult and took more time. It was a gorgeous campus, with a cheap bar and good facilities. My room was lovely, rather pricey but had a 3/4 bed and ensuite. The kitchen was a good size and we had a very big sofa with tv, which was fantastic as it could fit most of us on. We were a house of 12 and it worked really well. We all got on, and kept things organised. There were never major disagreements and we were all quite considerate. I loved staying in halls as it was a community and helps you settle into University life!

8 April 2018

Langwith sits in a very nice area, therefore it feels quite homely and the inclusion of a student bar right on your doorstep makes it a very communal experience. The facilities are mostly good, such as kitchen facilities and bathrooms, however the laundry room does not have an adequate amount of washing machines. This means it is a often difficult to find a machine that is not being used, so a weekly wash is sometimes not possible. Other than than this it is overall a nice place to live, with everything you need, such as a new supermarket, a Starbucks, the student bar/restaurant and plenty of study areas.

7 April 2018

the social life in Langwith college is the best on campus east at the university! the glasshouse is a lively hub that everyone flicks too from other parts of the campus. the double beds here are also a winner

2 March 2018

Lovely room, alot of space, good functional ensuite. Could do with a larger wardorbe but otherwise more than enough storage. Clean and bright however maybe should group students with similar work ethics and intersts as opposed to randomly allocating.

25 February 2018

Over time more facilities have been built in the area such as a nisa, starbucks and the already existing glasshouse from when I arrived. This calls for a nice place to chill and buy groceries. There's a bus stop a minute walk away and close to the building for the course I personally take - film and television. Inside the halls are laid out nice and with lots of space and everyone is friendly. The rooms are comfortable and the kitchens are massive which is great too.

21 February 2018

Good room, weekly cleaning but increasing prices don’t match up with standards of the room. Additionally, cleaning of bathrooms aren’t always at a high standard leaving hairs and dust from elsewhere around.

7 February 2018

Lovely campus, great views, I love geese, the college team are amazing and the societies and social experience overall can’t be faulted

2 January 2018

I had the best time in Langwith. The accommodation is lovely and the big flats/houses encourage you to spend time with your flat mates.

2 January 2018

It’s pretty cool I guess I like all the people and think that the rooms are good some times other people are really annoying though

28 December 2017

Langwith was a wonderful place to live- the college had a lot of character and there was always something happening to get involved with. The rooms were modern and well decorated, and also quite well sized. The location was perfect for me as my department was only a 5 minute walk away, and the main college bar/social area was perfect for a quick snack or drink after class.