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5 December 2018

Boring socials, halls too small for 10 people (i.e: no fridge space, not enough chairs for everyone in the house, one shower), everything took ages to be fixed if at all, far away from everything, so noisy at night.

5 December 2018

I live in a standard shared bathroom in Halifax College and it has been lovely. Although you would not have your own toilet and bath, your own room is extremely spacious. I was not expecting such a spacious room with a sink for yourself and a big desk. There is a big board in the room too to hang your own pictures as you wish and a big radiator which I find convenient as I do not freeze. Closet space is quite small as there are only three drawers and a quarter of a closet space. The kitchen is quite spacious too to share with 11 people. Though at times, the kitchen can be crowded when people are pre-drinking to go to club after wards. There can be lots of noise outside even after 11pm if you want an early night and I live near JJ's which is the common room in Halifax and noise from the common room can be heard. Halifax is away from the central of the university as it takes 20 mins to walk to my department but it gives a good exercise every morning!

5 December 2018

I stayed in St Lawrence Court. Cheapest accommodation but not missing out on much. Rooms are pretty small but houses of 20 are great for making friends especially in first year. Weekly cleaners helped to keep the house tidy in communal areas. Security and reception made me feel much at ease and safe living there. Nisa only 10m from front door which is ideal!

5 December 2018

Halifax was out of the way, it is the furthest college away from campus, it could have done with a liven up, it all seemed a little under the weather but that is to be expected for student accommodation, I had a few problems with my windows but upon reporting them, they were sorted within the day. Halifax has a great community feel to it, especially in summer when everybody is chilling on the grass, it's really social and I met some great people, it had its issues but it's the cheapest UOY accom so what do you expect? I had a brill first year at fax

8 July 2018

Cleaners don't really clean. The houses are too big to be social. Kitchens are way too small. But it's good for the sesh.

29 June 2018

Cheapest accommodation York offers, and it shows. With terraced, prison block-style buildings housing 20 people in each ‘flat’, it is easily becomes noisy, dirty and is always unattractive. The college is the furthest away from campus (about a 15 minute walk from the library) so even though it houses the most students in the uni, it often lacks atmosphere or any form of occasion. The college is disconnected from the bus route too, so expect a 10 minute walk before a 10 minute bus ride to get into the centre of the City. It comes as no surprise then that Halifax is often people’s last accommodation option, but all is not all bad however. Having houses of 20 really helps with getting to know people, and people from neighbouring houses are always close-by too. Halifax has its own little shop too, albeit slightly expensive, is a handy saving grace when your milk gets stolen by your flat mate. The social aspect of Halifax is what saves it as a college on a day to day basis, yet despite this, the events the college holds always seem to flop, with miserable attendance or a lack of atmosphere and commitment. I don’t regret living in Halifax as I met some of my best friends I ever could there, but if you’re after a place where you can bring your friends from home and have a wild time then Halifax isn’t the halls for you. With small rooms and shared toilets in most blocks, and prison-themed architecture, it becomes to embarrassing to being your friends back here, so you better hope they’ll offer for you to stay at theirs after a night out.

10 June 2018

Halifax college is about a ten minute walk to the University of York so very accessible for students attending the university. Halls is a great place to meet friends as in Halifax college you are placed in a house with around 10 people so there is always someone around to hang out with! The facilities are fine, rooms are spacious and the kitchen facilities have been updated for this year!

Emily Harper
4 May 2018

Lived in st Lawrence court. Shared 4 bathrooms, one normal sized kitchen and one mini kitchen between 20 of us. Kitchen space in particular was small for self catered given the number of us but was an enjoyable atmosphere. Having a house with so many people was great for those who like to socialise and enjoy being in the company of others.

20 April 2018

The location was not as good as halls on other colleges as others are more central and situated on campus, but Halifax is about a fifteen minute walk away from campus and be closest bus stop, however this wasn’t a major issue. Maybe would have been easier on nights out to be closer to campus for getting the bus. I had shared bathroom and there were two between ten which was fine, but only one shower and one bath between ten, and as only one person occasionally used the bath it was a bit of a push using one shower between ten and we definitely could have done with another. They were cleaned every weekday though, and the kitchen once a week, which was good. The kitchen was ok but we had only four hob rings between ten which was a struggle, and only one cupboard each and some were small. It was also difficult having only one fridge between us, as we had only half a shelf each, and only one freezer too. The rooms were a good size though with a lot of space. I had a room on the top floor and the window was really good and let loads of light in and good open right up. Halifax is the one college without much on it which wasn’t great, as the other colleges on campus had bars and cafes and things, so it would have been good to have those on our college too.

14 April 2018

My university hall experience was undoubtedly the best year of uni I’ve had. Met great people and made life long fiends through the collegiate hall system here at york. However the actual rooms could do with some TLC. Very low lighting and clinical bath rooms don’t exactly boost motivation and productivity. The beds aren’t the comfiest, matresses god knows how old and my block had bed bugs!! A pro of my halls lay out was I had my own space. Having the opportunity to stay in an en suite room was fantastic, sometimes you just need at get away from the hustle and bustle of first year. Also the desk space was great, lots of space to store my things and make the room feel as homely as it could.

12 April 2018

Halifax is a home away from home. When you walk on Halifax grounds, it feels like a little village. A little village with local amenities such as Nisa, albeit very over priced, the laundrette (also overpriced) and two common rooms free to use for students. Ensuite halls are modern with enough bedroom space for you and some friends. Look at your window and you'll also enjoy the view of 22 acres.

9 April 2018

Halifax has a village type feel to it, but everyone is included and we're constantly getting emails about events in halifax. We've got 2 common rooms as well which is great for hanging out to watch movies, play pool and even to party in. We're only 2 miles from the city centre as well! The only negative for me is the price I pay for the accommodation which will be because it's York.

7 April 2018

Really out of the way, is a strange kind of bubble and you don’t really get to meet anyone outside your house. Halls are houses not flats so not like you bump into people unless you live with them. If you dont like the poeple in your house you probs wont like halifax

6 April 2018

I stayed in a block full of six flats. We were all very divided and is not your stereotypical university experience. If I wasn’t as confident and out going I wouldn’t of made any friends, as everyone was divided and it we were not only isolated from each other, but the rest of the university. Think before joining Halifax college!!

29 March 2018

Way too expensive for what you received. Something broke every other day and we had one shower between 10 people. Good community atmosphere though.

24 March 2018

the rooms are spacious and the kitchen is well furnished if a little small, could really do with more communal space in the houses.

13 March 2018

Modern facilities, but small considering the number of students that have to share, good social atmosphere, college community

1 March 2018

Economy accommodation in Halifax College (St Lawrence Court) is overpriced but everything functions fully and if things aren't functioning properly, it gets fixed very quickly. It's close to campus and the bus stop as well as the laundry room, nisa shop and common room. The rooms are fairly big and living in a house of 20 has been a really fun experience.

1 March 2018

Great community feeling with socials always being held at jjs! Common room is small and less accessible for Ainsty and hickelton court. Good facilities with Shop and study centre, friendly reception staff.

28 February 2018

A college most people end up in rather than choose, Halifax is the largest college at York University, lacks a bar and is a bit off campus. However it is only a 15 minute walk from any lecture, has a great social area, cheap but big rooms and by living in houses, your dynamic with housemates is almost always very close-knit and like having another family.

2 January 2018

Was in a house of 20 people and there wain't nearly enough kitchen space for everyone the only good thing is people living off takeaways meaning I could have kitchen space. The people were mostly alright which made it better except my neighbour who was awful. Overall it is far too overpriced for what it is.

29 December 2017

The house was pretty good, with much bigger rooms than expected, however having to share 1 shower between 10 people was just not practical.

28 December 2017

Halifax feels separate from the rest of the main campus, and it'll take longer to walk to Hes West, Hes East, and even the bus stop. However it does have it's own Nisa, and is right next to 22 Acres which is useful for anyone doing field sports who needs to train their regularly.

28 December 2017

It's a bit far from the rest of the west campus, but the walk is quite nice because you get a place for your house and a separate place for your studies. I quite like the separation of the two things. Gets you ready for second year when you're living in houses outside of campus. Because it's on the end of west campus it's next to all the sports fields and farm land, which is nice. I was there last year, but they've redecorated most of the kitchens this year, and they look sick! Cool red wall on one side, brand new fridges, and loads of fridge/cupboard space. I was in a house of 11 and we shared one shower, which wasn't too bad, but not ideal for mornings when everyone has to be getting up. We just ended up staggering shower times etc. Main best thing is that its terrace houses, rather than flats. We had one front door that only me and my 10 housemates could get through. It felt very authentic. Having visited constantine college and other colleges that have flats, i found out that anyone in your block can get into your flat and therefore your kitchen during day time hours. I didn't like that, so much preferred the house vibe at halifax.