The Grange

11th in York

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7 November 2018

Rooms are spacious and kitchen is an ok size. Had issues regarding lights and rats(!) which took around 2 months to solve. Despite this, it is a nice community-like area and if you have friends living near, it is a nice area to meet for pre-drinks, etc. However, Grange house had only the kitchen as common room which proved difficult to have all 5 of us in together

7 November 2018

Location is great, flat is small and non communal. Bathroom and kitchen are a bit grotty but liveable.

5 June 2018

The grange was the most basic out of all the halls at york St. John, it was extremely basic compared to the other halls that were available. I was in a house not a flat, my housemates were alright but they put a lot of the international Chinese students at the grange who used to party ALL night

20 April 2018

All in all, The Grange was a fairly... okay student accommodation. The location is brilliant as it’s a couple of minute walk to the university and about a 5/10 min walk into york city centre. The social experience again is brilliant! There are plenty large patches of grass and seating which are great for socialising, esecpially in the summer if you decide to stay in halls rather than returning to your parents home. The rooms were a good size and all come with a desk, desk chair, few drawers next to your bed and a wardrobe. The bed unfortunately gives you spinal problems due to it basically being concrete! Facilities wise, not awful but not too brilliant. There’s a laundry room in which one washer and one dryer actually work and the dryer takes about a year to dry one sock. You also get cleaners once a month to do communal spaces. The cleaners are terrible and don’t actually clean, rather just bitch about students and how much they hate their job whilst simultaneously making up complaints to the uni to get us charged. Again, all in all it’s okay. But I guess okay for student accommodation is excellent!!

10 April 2018

The loctation of the grange is very practical and very close to the town centre and the uni itself! It's very social between all the houses and flats in the grange and you can meet many new people which is nice in your first year. The room itself is okay, quite an average size for a uni room, and the kitchen is decent.

14 March 2018

If you could put 0 stars I would. The only reason these halls are potentially 1 star worthy is the short walk to uni through the back gates, but then again these back gates are locked at 11pm till 7am, which the extends your walk by at least 20 mins. So I wouldn’t call it a bonus So grubby and sharing a bathroom was and experience and a half so I ended up moving to percys lane (10/10 recommend). Not close to supermarkets, the city centre or clubs either.

11 March 2018

Well, half of it is Ben renovated but it's just not the best at all. I don't know the new bit but the old one is just smelly and sticky. Most of the rooms are normal size although the new part is lacking storage space for what I've seen. I've been in st marys house and the Grange and my both rooms are quite decent. The room in the Grange house (the one I'm currently staying in) in got a window which doesn't close properly, and when it's cold, it's -1° in my room. I've called accomodation team and they sent someone who apparently couldn't open the door for some reason and I wasn't in and they haven't come back yet. And my chair is broken and they aren't coming to fix it either so that is quite bad. Have fun with the dam fire alarm! Any time of the night is good to set it off. My sleepy patterns where awful when I was in at Mary's . Apparently from that I actually love it. It's really social and we are all like a big family. However they have to short out the closing times for the blue gate cos it's a joke. They are meant to ensure that we are safe and they make us go the bloody long way at 3 am walking drunk after a night out! Recipe for desaster. And yeah... WiFi is s**t in general. Everywhere.

10 March 2018

Pretty good in terms of location, 5 mins from uni and 10 from city centre. However the facilities are pretty old, lights and kitchen items work from time to time and maintenance take a while to come out. Lack of social space also

13 February 2018

Very close to uni, has everything you need, shops nearby and the accommodation is nice when kept tidy and clean

28 January 2018

Great amatosphere as it is the central area for socialising and nights out as the kitchen and communal area is good for pres. The rooms are good size with a nice layout

28 January 2018

It is an amazing accomodation with lots of space in the room as it has a good layout and the sink in the room makes getting ready in a korming easy. However having to share a bathroom is a pain

2 January 2018

Great value for money, could set off 10 mins before lecture with time to spare Newly refurbished and clean, great social halls and everyone will want to come to yours inbetween lectures as it’s so close

28 December 2017

When I first came to York St John I was worried about my accommodation and if it would be nice since I’d be living in it for a year. To my surprise I was met with a lovely shared flat with a very nicely sized room. The room came with a cork board for work or mementos from home and things I did at uni. I had a sink in my room which made things easier and I had a lot of storage! The social aspects were amazing too! Everyone partied together and you knew all the students living there before the end of the year.