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8 November 2018

The brickworks accommodation in York, is amazing. Their is 24/7 security and cctv around the buildings, I always feel safe and it's clean. Everyone is very friendly and the maintance is good. Definitely recommend. The only downfall is the price.

22 June 2018

Definitely the nicest student accommodation in york - staff easy to communicate with, kitchen and rooms were very clean upon arrival. Nice communal areas downstairs with pool tables, TVs, gym etc. Overall very satisfied.

8 June 2018

I love living here. The room size is perfect (£135 a week) the showers aren’t very powerful however the water up here is very ‘heavy’ so you hair gets greasy quicker. The location is super ideal as it’s right next to Morrison’s and Asda and a 15 minute walk into town and a 10 minute walk to YSJ. 24 hour security at all times which makes you feel more secure. They also handle all your packages through the post so you don’t have to be in. The brickworks also organise free events for you some of which include alcohol. Staff are Very friendly and always wanting to help out when they can just drop them an email and they’ll sort it. The buildings are very modern and there is a lot of storage areas in rooms. Also bills being included is perfect especially in your first year as you’re able to keep your radiator on full blast through the winter at no extra cost. The gym has been updated with some more equipment. They are unable to have free weights due to health and saftey but have tried to provide other equipment instead such as resistance bands, exercise balls, medicine balls etc. There is a gym a 5 minute walk called Swift Fitness and another closer called The Fitness Space.

16 March 2018

Brilliant accommodation, I am staying there for the full three years of university. Lovely staff and they are here to help constantly. Completely safe and clean, nice to have someone at reception 24/7. (But it is a bit pricey)

5 March 2018

A nice, clean, spacious room with a large open plan kitchen, living and dining area to share between five. It was greatly designed and the rooms had great storage space. The bathrooms could have been slightly larger but on the whole were fine. The kitchen and living area were good but there could have been more comfortable seating supplied as the two settees were not good for long periods of time. The staff at reception were all very friendly and really helpful with any issues that came up and endeavoured to sort them out quickly and well. All on site facilities were fantastic, including the well filled gym, the laundry room and the common room with additions such as pool table and foosball. It was a wonderful halls in close proximity to shops, the city centre and uni.

25 February 2018

Although it’s expensive there are many pros to living here such as the gym, pool table, the cinema room and a tv in every kitchen included in the price.

30 January 2018

The people aren’t very nice, the staff are negligent why your parcels (mine were lost on multiple occasions) and the gates broke so there were multiple break ins.

2 January 2018

Everything has a very modern look to it which I love, in comparison to other accommodations it looks 10X better and isn’t too expensive. Facilities are good and there are security guards on watch 24/7. Right next door to Morrison’s which is fab, 10 minute walk to town centre and YSJ. Only thing is when I booked it the pictures made it out like the room should be a lot bigger as the pictures are of the bigger rooms which cost more but this was never stated so it was a surprise when I saw the size of my room. It is still an ok size I was just expecting bigger.