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The nightlife isn’t great- there is quite a few pubs and low-key places for a drink, but not many nightclubs or places suited to students. There’s one at the university on a Wednesday, BOP, and another in town on weekends, Vodka. There are lots of restaurants and places to eat, but not many shops. There’s a shopping centre and high street in town, but could be better. There’s not a lot to do for young people in Winchester; however there is a lot more in Eastleigh which is about a 15minute drive.


There is some shopping to do but not a wide range of shops so would still need to travel to Southampton for better shopping. Nights out is not great, some good bars like slug and lettuce but vodka the only club is terrible. Again have to travel to Southampton for better clubbing. Winchester is quite an expensive area, food and travel is expensive.

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