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22 November 2018

Rooms are a bit small but loads of wardrobe storage space and under bed storage. Comes with 3 shelves, a desk and 6 drawers you can use Bathroom is nice and has a shower with a door as opposed to a curtain (a big plus for me!!). Kitchen is shared between 15 people but I only ever see about 6 maximum and everyone I live with is super friendly! Has two sinks, two ovens, 8 hobs, two fridges and two freezers so lots of room to cook. The kitchen also has a table with chairs and two sofas students can lounge on, there's also a TV so you can watch with your flatmates! Situated near the centre of campus it's only a short walk to lectures, the library and food places. Having lived in other accommodation on campus last year, Mill Hall is much better in terms of cleanliness, attractiveness and overall satisfaction with the living space.

22 November 2018

Mill hall looks and feels like a prison. The bottom floor is flooded with guys due to an issue occurring that has left girls being unable to reside on the ground floor which is a warning sign in its self and is obviously not advertised until it's too late and it wasn't fun sharing my corridor and kitchen with 14-16 people let alone guys. Only upside is it is very close to the lecture hall, student bar and library. The room is extremely small and the furniture inside looks and feels really old as well as the dirty carpets, I moved back home after my first term as I felt that it was extremely poor value for money.

18 June 2018

Recently refurbished so the room was pretty new and fresh as well as the kitchen however the flat was too big so socially didn't meet many of my flatmates. Good location in the middle of the campus

12 April 2018

The hall is clean and well maintained. People in the area are very friendly as well. Location is near the uni which is very convenient.

11 March 2018

Excellent facilities and everything you need all in one room. Not a fan of sharing a kitchen with 15 people though and not everything was ready at the beginning of term due to refurbishment. Fed up of people coming to check water or heating etc! Way too expensive in my opinion

22 February 2018

The refurbished mill hall rooms are very good. I do not put 5 stars because my room is very small. However, the furniture is really good and the window is big enough for the sun light come to the room.

28 December 2017

The location is great, the new upgraded section is excellent. The only problem is the lack of desk space, small kitchen and the plae being too loud.