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28 November 2018

Cleaners barely do anything, when we got here there was so many problems, maintenance do fix but take a while to come sometimes. We could really do with a common room or some sort of social area. Heating is good and it's in a really good location (1 minute from lecture centre)

12 June 2018

Really clean, safe and modern halls. Although lifts were always broken so I (visually impaired) had to use stairs.

27 April 2018

The Location inparticular firstly, is very good for first years or people just getting to know the university it’s situated in the middle or close by to the main buildings like the gym , IAC, Lecture centre ‘ library and food shops. In terms of the standard of accommodations the room to be honest are very spacious and cleanly kept upon arrival there’s lots of working space and ample space for things good sized bathroom with a modern shower . on the other hand I would say the decoration and designs are very basic and boring with Their being standard desk, shelves and wardrobe. The kitchen facilities are decent things come in twos like sinks, stoves and ovens , fridges and freezers. Everybody has their own spacious cupboards to store their food with an opportunity to lock as there space for a padlock / the kitchen also is cleaned regularly on daily basis except weekends and holidays. The wifi and reception is awful , it is very unreliable.

14 April 2018

The location is perfect it’s literally 2 minutes away from the lecture centre, I would wake up late for the lecture and still be on time. The Lancaster halls had ensuite rooms so no sharing and that’s what I loved, the room was a decent size. We did have to share the kitchen though, there are cleaners that come 5 days a week every morning and the bins are taken out almost everyday if necessary apart from the weekends. How social you are with your flat mates depends on how and who your flats mates are. All your flat mates aren’t going to be your friends, and some will act like they grew up in a barn but it’s ok. Overall my experience living in Lancaster complex was lovely, lovely vibe , lovely people, lovely university in general.

28 March 2018

Great location close to lecture centre and the quad, kitchen is cleaned everyday by staff, bathroom water temperature and the state of the shower head is always checked and maintained, only thing is beds are uncomfortable and springy and on the disabled cooking hobs the writing has rubbed off so we dont know what switch does what temperature or which hob and also the chairs in the kitchen are uncomfortable

3 March 2018

good location, close to library and the union building. Weird shaped windows in the rooms and the kitchens were also a weird layout. Nice people, very friendly, no communal area other than kitchen though.

13 February 2018

The halls feel very outdated compared to other units whith tacky painted doors and old carpets as well as bad design specially the L shaped windows which are so impractical as I get next to no natural daylight in my room. Halls need to be updated and brought into the modern times with a new carpet for the hallway and a new coloursheme as well as doors that either don’t need to be painted or are painted a nicer colour than blue. Also a key card lock would be great for the inner door and the room doors and keys are so annoying to use when you have your hands full which is most of the time and seem so old fashioned.

20 December 2017

There’s a big issue with accomdation at Brunel, not a single in us a common room. I think they’re pretty vital and without them you’ve got to sit on rather uncomfortable kitchen tables, because unfortunately there aren’t any sofas either. I can’t fault the space in the kitchen however, but the rooms are quite small. There is still a bit of room and it’s nit really cramped. The bathrooms are tiny but overall quiet nice. The curtains are awful, I mean absolutely bloody awful. I seriously can’t imagine a person who would think it was a good idea to spend actual money on them. The hall itself is in a good place and it’s is very modern, especially when comparing it to saltash. With 9/10 people sharing a flat it’s actually alright and I would reapply here next year 100% You get cleaners included in the price, which really comes in handy. Well it would if they cleaned. You have one wicked sesh and leave a few bottles lying about and suddenly they can’t clean. You can’t expect me to get up at 9 and clean when I’ve been on a bender? Overall though it’s a great place to live and if recommend applying