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30 November 2018

Very nice and modern, updated, new furniture when needed without questions or trying to avoid it. 24/7 support and maintenance available. Great size flats, kitchens lovely and spacious, rooms large and bathrooms have everything you need.

30 November 2018

The halls are well connected to bus stops on either sides and has a 24hr service stop, LIDL closeby, laundromat located in some halls along the complex makes it easy, kitchens for 10 people is big enough, but sometimes not all burners work, well maintained bathrooms and halls, lift for all floors. Only way the kitchen looks dirty is from some bad flatmates. Otherwise all good. Safe and clean and well lit.

30 November 2018

I'm visually impaired and it's far too dangerous to walk from main campus to my halls. Need more lighting and clearer foot paths for ped3strians so they aren't walking through car park.

20 June 2018

The location of the halls of residence was perfect, situated close to the centre of campus but far enough away that it was quiet. The rooms themselves were large compared to other universities, with all the amenities you could need. Brunel University London even provided bedding free of charge with free changes each week! The en suites were great too, everything you needed all in one space. The kitchens across the available accommodation on campus are huge, you’re never clambering over one another to cook! This is the social space for the flat as well and my flatmates and I used to gather here for games most evenings.

19 June 2018

Excellent location of Halls with lush greenery around the campus. Friendly and multi cultured environment.

7 June 2018

The rooms are just the right size and they heat up pretty quickly as well. However,heating is controlled so you can't turn it on any time you want ex past midnight. Kitchen is decent and cleaners come every weekday. The stoves are a bit old and notnideal for baking but other than that the work alright. Sufficient cupboard space, but fridge space can cause a bit a a tetris game...

18 April 2018

Room is pretty spacious than other complex's but cost more of course - but nothing that isn't affordable. The en suite is very decent, working shower with sliding curtain, toilet, sink, and mirror with a warm light above - perfect for going to the loo at night! The hall I was placed in exactly was Michael Bevis which had the laundry room jusy below - Best thing ever! No need to walk a thousand miles to another building to pick up and drag your clothes. A student store is literally 1 min away from the building which has offers cheaper than costcutters. Which brings me to the shops available on campus; HSBC (closes @ 5), subway (24 hours) , costcutters(closes @ 11), chemist(closes @ 5), and huge canteen with different cuisine each day, with izzi's pizza that closes around 5 (not zizzi - izzi). The social experience is like any other, luckily I was placed with my friends but you can get the usual individuals who don't talk much or socialise. Some things could be better, like the maintenance time. Can take forever sometimes for an oven to be fixed for example, even after you've sent 10 requests. But nevertheless, a pretty good facility.

14 April 2018

One of the best complexes on campus, new buildings, new furniture and very quiet and clean especially in the flat. The kitchen is big enough for all the students to use. The only slight problem would be the fridge space ( sometimes one shelf is not enough ). Since isambard is a new Complex, instead of using a normal key; there’s a card key ie, one card that gives you access to everything. Bathroom is small but good enough for a university room.

13 April 2018

Nice and spacious, better than my last hall everyone is friendly and welcoming the cleaners are nice room is clean bathroom is good for one person could be more social space but it is nice outside. Get along well with flatmates. Kitchen is always free to use and spacious however there could be more fridge space. Lots of shelves and drawers in my room to put all my things so everything stays tidy. Big window to look out from it is a nice size.

3 April 2018

The room does get stuffy during the summer, but other than that it's very good. Location is great; next to the local supermarket while also relatively close to the town.

19 March 2018

Cleaners Monday to Friday for kitchen which is useful. Good sized kitchen. Rooms are fairly good sized. Nice location too!! However mainly issues with WiFi across campus in most accommodation

19 March 2018

Cleaners Monday to Friday for kitchen which is useful. Good sized kitchen. Rooms are fairly good sized. Nice location too!! However mainly issues with WiFi across campus in most accommodation

28 December 2017

Halls are basic but nice, however they’re expensive and prices keep going up and rooms don’t even get cleaned before move in. So pot marked walls but we get fined for posters, can only use battery fairy lights and not plug in so we can’t even make the room feel like home without paying through the nose. The kitchen and fridge space you receive for the cost of the halls is a joke, however it is nice being on campus and the location is decent. The WiFi also cuts out several times a day, and even with an Ethernet cable you can barely load YouTube.

28 December 2017

The room size is perfect so spacious, the bathroom is a bit small but that is in comparasion to the room. Depending on whether or not you pick your flat mates but the kitchen can be awful and cleaners don’t always do much. But i would recommend isambard

28 December 2017

Close to the centre of campus and close to Lidl for cheap food. The price is expensive for what you get