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19 December 2018

Nice halls with double beds and en-suite. A shared kitchen, with a small sofa and a TV included too. Fire stoves as other halls are electronic. Facilities in room are great and handy to use, lots of storage space, although people seem to think there's not enough. It's also on campus in a very nice location! Probably the best hall out of all halls at Brunel

27 June 2018

The halls have been recently done up, so all rooms in these buildings have double beds. Quite spacious room with ensuites. The kitchens can be quite small with little fridge space per person. The social experience is amazing, make friends with people in your building not only in the flat, can get quite loud though. The location is not too far from the centre of campus. The only bad thing about the building is there is no lift

23 April 2018

Faraday Halls are situated right at the front of the university entrance just of the Kingston Lane. The Halls are the best choice for students who like comfort and space. The rooms are bigger than in any other complex and they include a double bed unlike anywhere else (the bed is also super comfortable). The rooms are very spacious despite the double bed and are ensuite with a decent size bathroom with shower. You share a kitchen with around 10 people however it does not really matter as your room is so big you can relax there. I highly recommend these halls for those in 2nd and last year's as it is much quieter there and not many freshers live in these halls so you get to enjoy studying in your own comfortable and quiet room. It is situated right next to the ACU which is the big sports centre and weights gym. 3minutes walk away from the middle strip of the campus which has all the shops/bank/costa and the student union. It also takes 3 minutes to walk to any of the lecture halls and 2 minutes to the U1, U4 and U7 bus stop. I loved my last year in these halls which paid of with a First for my dissertation which I could calmly focus on!

22 March 2018

Spacious room and toilet. Refurbished so looks good as new and heating is always on (with the option to turn it down) so, ideal for the long winter.

13 February 2018

I’ve had a really good experience living in faraday Hall. The kitchen and all areas are very clean. And I feel very very safe on campus with the 24-7 security.