Faraday Hall



The location is really good for someone that wants to go to the gym, sports hall or IAC. The rooms is very spacious. The best asset is the double bed. The kitchen is very nice and recently refurbished It can be noisy at night due to flat or parties


Location wasn’t too bad - right next to the exam hall which comes in handy if you lose track of time. They refurbished it a year ago or so with double beds - probably the best halls there at the moment unless they’ve made other changes.


Facilities are great although the double beds are cheap, not very comfy. Social is good, opportunities to meet anyone in the building. Room size varies as some larger than others. Overall quite expensive for what you get.

Lauren Thomson

The layout of the flats is amazing and the rooms are really spacious. However, cleaners are only provided once a week and the rent is very high. The WiFi is also unreliable.