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19 January 2019

When I first moved in there were a few minor issues however within hours of reporting the issue they were sorted. Everyone is very friendly and cooperative and the rooms are spacious and comfortable

19 January 2019

Located towards the main entrance of the University, Bishop Clopmex provides excellent links to buildings such as the sports hall, the indie atheletics centre, and the quad. It's a quick walk away from the lecture centre and the student shops on campus. As it is the newest halls of residence, the facilities are up to date, and the rooms are well presented. Living on campus is such a great choice, it is cheaper than living in a shared flat or house, and you are always close to "home". There is always something going on at uni, and what's better than chilling with your friends until 1 am, and having to walk Judy five minutes back to your halls? I think first, second, and third year students should apply to live on campus as it's such a quick and easy option.

8 August 2018

Good room and facilities. Maintenance and accommodation services could be better. Eg. While first joining in September the central heating was not switched on. No invididual heathers provides either. Left to freeze until uni deemed it cold enough to switch heating on

4 April 2018

Overall the Hall is quite nice, you have an option of a lift which is great for moving in day and also for when I got injured and the stairs were impossible. You feel pretty safe as you have a key card to enter the building and then two sets of keys for the two doors of your flat. However the first door broke a lot, but maintence sorted it out pretty quickly, id say In terms of the facilities and the room itself, Bishop complex halls are very nice but the showers are tiny! Not a problem for me but for bigger and taller people it is. Bishops is in the perfect place on campus and allowed me to have a great social life.

1 April 2018

Often alot of little things that need fixing. They are fast to respond and fix them. They deal with destruction of shared property by just penalizing the hall rather than a single resident so watch out.

1 April 2018

I was surprised with how much space I would get! The kitchen is also cleaned everyday so even if you do have messy flatmates it id quickly dealt with! Met most of my uni friends there! Amazing although a little pricey!

31 March 2018

Nice enough facilities, cleaners came regularly and maintenance requests were dealt with fairly swiftly. Except the lift that was left broken for a month (annoying when you live on floor 7). Still found rent expensive compared to a lot of other universities.

27 March 2018

Great on campus hall. And places are guaranteed for first and third year students so that's great. There's a great variety of halls to pick from too and varying prices. Although I would highly recommend the en suite halls of you can afford it. The en suites are nice and most pretty new from what I know. The Wi-Fi is mostly okay and you get to use as much heating and water as you want although the heating didn't come on until November. The kitchens are spacious There's no communal / hang out areas which I know some unis have but the on campus pool tables and bars fill in for that. There's a free cleaning service for kitchens which is great

21 March 2018

I enjoyed living in bishops. The halls were nice and the people were welcoming. I had many good experiences there.

Sherina Daryanani
23 February 2018

Well organised and designed. Room is of a good size with sufficient wardrobe space and an en suit bathroom. Extremely satisfies with the location and comfort of the flat as a whole.

22 February 2018

Cleaners are friendly, security are responsive. HATE the fire alarms being constant. No social areas but I knew that when applying.

28 December 2017

Room size is very good, quality of facilities within room and kitchen are also very good. Shower is very poor. The location is prefect as I am very close to everything I require, socially and education. There are no social areas within the hall to meet those in flats around you, and the only social area for those with your flat is the kitchen, so hard to meet other people