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2nd in Sunderland

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18 December 2018

I really love this club! The only issue is they don't take card, but the music is really well DJ'ed, the signature blue drink is delicious and service is fast. The dance floor is really big and it seems clean enough. 9/10 would go again.

6 June 2018

The bouncers are really friendly and staff are just as staff should be but not excessively nice or rude. The venue is a probably the worst part about Independent, the smoking area is better than it used to be but the floor is disgusting. DO NOT WEAR NICE SHOES HERE, you’ll be very upset in the morning. Sunderland’s a bit dead so the location isn’t fantastic but it is in the city centre. It is very good value for money with trebles being £3 but the alcohol is probably not the best at all. It’s much more of a student place you go to get obliterated rather than stay sober and the music is chart or rock, I prefer RnB, UK rap and hip hop but this is not satisfied in Indepent apartfrom the occasional time the play The same Skepta song as a cheap night out it’s definitelt student friendly.

1 April 2018

Proper mint. Nice mix of chilled out funk in the lounge and chart music and indie rock. Something for everyone. Also great value. £5 entry and £1 drinks!

23 March 2018

Ok on a Friday shit music on Saturday. Cheap drinks on Friday expensive on Saturday. Friendly overall except the bar staff are very inexperienced and hold personal grudges refusing to serve being very unprofessional.

14 March 2018

I have never been to independent on any day other than a Friday (bar freshers week), fridays are good there as there’s two rooms and drinks are so cheap!

5 March 2018

Friendly service, good atmosphere and nice music. Great location and lots of students every night. The advantages are that it allows you to be more comfortable and to make your night better.

28 February 2018

Amazing place amazing music 2 floors of different music, best place on a Friday in Sunderland. Students and other people welcome, student freebies available Amazing!!

25 February 2018

Great atmosphere, not badly price, incredible night out, definitely the place to be in a Friday night