The Cooper Rose

434th in Nightlife
3rd in Sunderland

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Value for Money
Party Vibe
Student Friendliness
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8 August 2018

Location is excellent, about a five minute walk away from Park Lane Metro Station and close to other bars/ nightclubs to go afterwards. Venue is also good, with a dancefloor as well as a large seating area upstairs. Atmosphere good, there are many students although there are many non-students also. Good for cheap pre drinks.

29 June 2018

I do love going to the Cooper rose with my housemates for cheap, decent food and drink. It is so good for meal deals and playing the quiz is also a fun and good outing on a weekend.

14 June 2018

Value for money is excellent! Location is brilliant right in the centre of most pubs. They host a quiz on a Monday night with cash and drink prizes.

5 March 2018

Brilliant pub, always has brilliant music and a brilliant atmosphere. The food is Brilliant, but just needs to bring back nachos. Other than that, this pub couls not be better. Definitley the place to be.

15 January 2018

Very student friendly price wise, it is part of the Wetherspoons pub group so it is very popular, Serving food until 11pm. Friday and Saturday are the best nights to party here, with current, popular music. It is a popular venue for students with lots of drink deals eg 2 cocktail pitchers for £12