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18 June 2018

Halls itself are great, well furnished, could do with a lick of paint here and there, but the staff are really friendly and the campus bus makes it easy to get to either of the campus’ so overall a nice place to live.

24 April 2018

Overall bad experience, prices pretty steep considering you can rent a studio in that area for the same amount of money. Student halls don’t look too good, you have to share the kitchen with other 4 guys (which makes it quite difficult), and the accomodation team were not so friendly.

28 January 2018

Everything in there is fine facility wise. The big issue is the water pressure! It feels like an old man pissing on you when you take a shower. There is a club right outside........... Shut the fucker down as it is very loud!

28 December 2017

This is kinda dirty and dark. My flat mates aren't a problem but strange people come in and out of the building because there is no security. No visitors are checked and people who aren't supposed to be living here practically are.

28 December 2017

Where to begin with these halls! Me and my wife first moved into a couples flat and had a multitude of problems when we first moved in, leaking windows, mouldy sealant, leaking and mouldy ceiling (we were on the top floor) which caused a small leak to come through and damage some of out electricals. There was a lot more wrong it'll be easier to say what was right with it than to say what wasn't. 99% of the problems were fixed when reported however the attempt of a fix for the leaking ceiling was cost effective and was left alone. We've since moved into a family home and we can't say it was much better! There were more problems! The bannister was broken, the settees had holes in them, the radiator exploded during use, the bathroom sink was falling off plus many more! The single rooms are better maIntained however, there was only a few problems at the start of the year but none occurred afterwards. Overall, if your in a single room, I'd recommend going with that option! Otherwise the couple flats and family houses I would recommend to avoid. The location of scotia quay is on a bank, excellent when your at the top, horrible if your at the bottom