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20 November 2018

Lovely staff and always a great vibe. I go to switch quite a lot as I feel that because it is smaller it is less claustrophobic than the bigger clubs. Their drinks are also really well priced and there have a very good range on offer.

20 November 2018

Switch is a very student friendly bar, with lots of good drinks deals for students including pound a pint and cheap spirit offers. The staff are friendly and the club is often busy especially smoking area.

9 July 2018

Switch is the club to head to for the afterparty. Being open to 6am it is great for the students who are still partying after 3am. Switch is lively has good music and has good drinks and entry prices.

4 July 2018

Switch is a great place to retire for the night. After a long night of intense partying you can always be assured that there will be someone to go home with waiting for you in switch. Bright decor gives makes everyone in a happier mood, and the heavy flow of reasonably priced drinks also help the blossoming of one night love for a mysterious stranger. If you’re not in the mood for some sugar daddy loving, switch is also great for just getting on it with the beys all the way to 6am.

17 June 2018

The club is in a good location, right across from the uni. Cheap drinks most of the time and has pound a pint some nights. The music is good when theres a DJ. The venue is too small though at the moment, especially downstairs and in the smoking area, but they are increasing the size of it. It is open till six in the morning so is perfect if you are looking for somewhere else after pryzm, fever, revs, factory or hub. Bar staff are ok and the bouncers are alright if you behave. There is an entry fee but it is usually one to two pounds so not to bad. Theres also a burger van right outside for after which is piff.

11 June 2018

Great value, close to the uni, most halls and residential areas. Open till early hours in the morning.

4 June 2018

lots of creepy old guys, know a fair few people who’ve been spiked including myself. bar service is fairly swift and drink prices are low so okay for students just have to be careful and look out for your mates

2 May 2018

Switch is a great place to go at the end of the night as it’s open until 6am! Have had lots of great nights out finishing in there, will be returning plenty more times before I finish uni I am sure

28 April 2018

Overall a decent end to the night, late close means you can wind down there, but only really good on weekdays, the weekends are too crowded and full of creepers

25 April 2018

The only club open except for Cuba till 5-6 am on every night except for Mondays. Prices are decent compared to the other clubs! Very good atmosphere, fun poles to dance on and the crowd is decent as well as friendly.

25 April 2018

Very good atomosphere, the only club alongside Cuba that is open till 5-6 am as all others shut around 3! Great poles, very lively and not very expensive. Good music and very friendly

21 April 2018

Amazing venue in a great location (right opposite the uni). Incredible atmosphere and great drinks deals every night of the week. Definitely the best club on North Hill. The friendly bar and promo staff make the club even better

11 April 2018

Great apart from the upstairs room gets way too hot and the music is always the same would like better variety for example including some dnb, outside area is nice and big and never had a problem with bouncers or bar staff

9 April 2018

Always have a good night in Switch. Can get a little crammed but that’s to be expected in a small venue, especially one so popular

29 March 2018

Amazing atmosphere . Best club to head to when you're a trooper and can last til 5 am in the morning!!

24 March 2018

Solid friendly atmosphere with reasonably priced drinks, definitely worth bringing your friends here

tim mcneil
19 March 2018

Pretty lit, decent drinks and sick muisc gets very packed and the loos are great but burger van is close so you win some you lose some.

14 March 2018

Amazing venue to go to after hours, lively and amazing atmosphere every night. Would highly recommend to any students of any age.

3 March 2018

Good place to go when you don't want to travel far. Open till really early in the morning so it's a good place to get smashed for a long time

2 March 2018

Top bang at switch any night great music great atmosphere great prices always a laugh and on North hill so you've got plenty of options of you get bored

3 February 2018

They always do discounted drinks before midnight and it's where everyone ends up after a night out. The stripper poles are a laugh when you're v drunk.

Chloe Jackson
2 February 2018

Switch can be a great venue for chilled evenig drinks if you grab a 2 4 1 cocktail, or come for the Monday pound a pint night it's great for student saving. It also switches up for a night out when the top bar/ room opens and a DJ is in the venue. Dancing on bars downstairs is a favourite for people, and the comfy sofas upstairs provide a chilled area for cooling down in between. It's not a huge venue but a great place for socials, and if you're living in halls then its the perfect walking distance... and has a burger truck right outside for a late night snack before your drunk walk home! Entry is usually free or very cheap e.g.: £1- £3. Often Reps outside will give you a stamp to get a free shot when you go into switch which is great.

2 February 2018

Always busy and full of students. Stays open very late so great place to end the night with the pretty standard tunes and some cheap shots

30 January 2018

Always busy on a weekend and has a few good nights during the week as well! Well priced drinks and always good for casual drinks or end of night parties!