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25 November 2018

Great location if you want to be near the clubs and within walking distance of the train station. Liberty Point is also great if you enjoy the urban city life rather than peace and quiet as there are always people about with it being built on a roundabout. The halls are also newly done up to a quality finish, and the rooms and kitchens are spacious meaning there will be no problem if you want your friends to stay. As bills are included, rent is somewhat reasonable compared to the ensuite rooms in the halls that are rented directly from the university.

25 November 2018

Amazing accommodation, modern and clean with good size room and nice kitchen. Staff are so friendly and always ready to help you with anything at all times. So good I lived there 2 years in a row. Highly recommend.

25 November 2018

Liberty Point was a perfect start to university! It was extremely sociable and welcoming, the facilities were fantastic and the staff ensured that everything suited everyone's needs. The location meant we were close to town and only a short bus journey to University.

14 September 2018


15 June 2018

Very modern and clean, has a large common room and tv room as well as a gym, the staff are really friendly and there’s regular events

5 June 2018

As far as location, easy and accessible to pretty much anywhere in the city/clubs/uni but the street isn’t the most homely. Security at LP is v good with fob keys. Freebie Friday every week is great & love having a modern double bed and ensuite however room could be slightly bigger.

23 April 2018

Location I feel is great. It is right in the middle of the university and the city centre, 10 minutes to uni and the centre is within walking distance. This is handy as it means you don't have to pay for taxis back after a night out. They also provide excellent social spaces such as a table tennis table, gym, ps4 and a cinema room. There are lot of opportunities to take your friends and utilise these at your own pleasure. The rooms also have double beds and are nicely furnished with a desk and carpets.

23 April 2018

Liberty point has been a great halls for first year. It's perfectly situated close to the city centre which means quick access to shops, cinema, pubs and clubs (which means no wasted uber money on nights out!) And is still only a 5 minute bus ride from Avenue campus or 15 to Highfield so u can still roll out of bed at 820 to get to those 9ams. The staff here are absolutely lovely, from the cleaners to the night staff they all seem to love it here as much as the residents & because of this it's always super clean and warm in all the common areas of the building. The big common area downstairs has been great fun to have massive pres with friends and strangers alike, the free gym works perfectly for those new to working out or who don't need too many machines & the giant tv has an hdmi cable slot so you can get the full movie night experience. I was very happy with my room as it is an en suite with a bigger than single bed which really makes a difference when u see some of your friends tiny single beds in other halls!! The desk/wardrobe/shelf space is more than enough and I surprisingly enjoy the views from my 8th floor window more than I expected (I'm a little afraid of heights). The shared kitchen can't be faulted, cleaned once a week by liberty point staff, and plenty of cupboard and fridge space. The only reason I couldn't quite five 5 stars is due to the size of my en suite and the poor quality shower. Although I understand block B has larger an suites and that most uni showers are quite rubbish, I think just sorting out the power of the showers would make a huge difference!! However, this has not affected my life at uni to a reasonable extent and I still very much recommend Liberty!!

30 March 2018

Clean, modern halls in the city centre! Easy to get to uni as there’s a bus stop directly outside the building. The staff there are really nice, they regularly give out freebies (free food/drink), and there’s an on site gym, study room and cinema area. Areas to improve could be bigger bins.

20 March 2018

Right outside the busstop to the uni. Good walk away from the city centre. It has a gym a nice common room a study room plus a 24 hour reception.Many event such as freebie Fridays or other events run during special occasions such as easter or pancake day.

11 March 2018

Although my rent was pretty expensive compared to houses and cheaper halls, the value for money was ok - we got a free bus pass, the gym was free to use, and the building was newly renovated so it was super clean and all of the appliances like the oven and microwave were really high quality. My room was also excellent, although that was partially down to luck, as I was at the end of the flat and therefore got about double the space that everyone else did. Compared to other halls which I visited which cost the same, LP was definitely better value for money. The awful circuit laundry system was the biggest financial drain. The location was great for the city centre and nightlife, saving me a bunch on taxis, and pretty convenient for uni by bus. The wifi could be patchy at times but it was generally not a problem. My social experience was pretty great, but not on the same level as the other halls with bigger flats seemed to be. The social areas provided were nice, but seemed pretty small for the number of students living there, and I never really got a chance to use them as they were always full in the evenings. There were a couple of issues at first, like cold showers or broken radiators, but maintenance were really good about getting them fixed asap. My flat also had one especially unpleasant experience with a very abusive member of staff, but the other staff dealt with this in a very swift and professional manner when we raised the issue, so the halls as a whole shouldn't be faulted for that. Overall, Liberty Point was better value for money compared to similarly priced halls, although still not great value. The staff were great, and I would definitely say that in terms of fittings and cleanliness it's the best Southampton halls.

4 March 2018

This private accommodation is brilliant and exceeded all expectations. 5 min walk to town, 5/15 min to uni on the bus. Great size en-suite room and communal space. On site facilities are great, there's a common room, cinema space, study room and a gym! Staff are super friendly and always involved in creating something for the students.

28 February 2018

Amazing halls. So friendly, very secure, very friendly and helpful staff. Everyone feels included, great facilities including a cinema room, a gym and lots of common space. The room sizes are great with lots of storage and only a 5 minute walk to the town.

21 February 2018

My room with the ensuite was so nice! Our kitchen and living area was very stylish and perfect to have a small party of people over.

20 February 2018

The staff are lovely and so helpful and organise events. The kitchens are nice with good appliances and my bed is comfy. In A block the showers in the en suites are small but fine for me as a small person

6 February 2018

Living at Liberty point halls was fantastic! The rooms and facilities were first class. The staff on site were friendly and nearly always available. Location wise, you compromise slightly, sacrificing proximity to the university for a berth in the middle of Southsmpton. I would certainly recommend these halls!

28 December 2017

Liberty Point was a great halls of residence for my first year of uni. It was great location wise as I could walk into town in a matter of minutes and also walk to the nearby bus stop in 5 minutes or so, to get to uni. All the rooms have en suites which was nice, and sharing a kitchen with 4 others meant I made some great friends during my time there. All of the staff were very friendly, but the best part was having a double bed in my room!

28 December 2017

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28 December 2017

I loved living at Libedty Point for first year. The location was amazing for access to supermarkets and clubs which made for a tasty and boozy first year at University. The flat I lived in was super nice, with an amazing double bedroom and ensuite. The staff were incredibly friendly and easy to talk to if you had any problems, and the 24/7 security was a serious relief. I felt safe, comfortable and at home at Liberty Point. The only negative thing that I can think of is that it didn’t have quite as much the ‘halls’ experience as other accommodations did, as it was hard to make friends due to the isolated nature of the flats. But the downstairs common room, cinema and gym did help with this issue!

28 December 2017

Great location, close to town and all the main clubs/pubs. Bus is required for a quick trip to uni, however, a free bus pass is included in your halls rent.

15 November 2017

Close to city centre and clubs as well as shops and West Quay shopping centre; the rooms are bigger than most halls and newly refurbished.