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18 November 2018

Lovely rooms with en suite and very friendly communal feel within the grounds. Reception staff are nice

18 November 2018

Amazing room and facilities which is located very close to the University and about a 15 min bus drive to the centre of Manchester. All of the rooms are fairly new and modern and it is one of the nicest halls I've ever seen out of all the uni that I've finished. Unfortunately they do place large bills at the end on the year so make sure that you take down all of the damages even the ones previous and keep the document safe as even though we reported certain things, the told us we had not and tried t charge us!

18 November 2018

I love it here, the people, the location, my room. Everything. I was hesitant at first because I didn't know anyone and it was a new place. But I quickly settled in and fell in love with Manchester. I've grown a lot since living here, personally and mentally. It's taught me a lot, being my own person and doing my own things. It's hard work but it sets you up for life.

18 November 2018

Better than expected for an accommodation, overall good place to live however a bit overpriced as well as laundry not being included

18 November 2018

The location is central which means it's good getting around the city and being fairly close to Media City. The social spec is decent as there is Atmosphere that host various student nights

lewis bland
18 November 2018

perfect location directly on campus with no longer than a 4 minute walk to all of my lectures. rooms are very nice and there is a very large living area for 10 of us. perfect way to meet new friends and get a good social environment out of university. not far away from bus stops to get you into manchester city within 15 minutes or to the tesco for shopping. free bus journey down to media city and the taxi rank is right outside the front door. only criticism is the postal service is very unorganized and can have to queue for a very long time to pick up packages wifi is overall decent with it allowing you to place up to 4 devices on without haing to pay extra however in some areas it does keep cutting out

Devan Patel
18 November 2018

Honestly the best place to stay for first year. A shame you cannot stay, however the accommodation is very new, amazing price compared to other universities and great WiFi.

18 November 2018

The hall of residence was ultimately the winning feature of this university and I don't have any complaints! Great staff and it's been easy to swap rooms when I've had difficulties with flatmates. The option of 5-10 bed flats with large kitchens and brand new facilities. My friends at other universities cannot believe i have a double bed and ensuite for £125 a week! Chuffed. Absolutely no complaints:)

18 November 2018

i love the place. there are some things that that don't quite work but other than that it's pure chill

18 November 2018

Location is great, near to uni and to the nearest supermarkets, room is great value for money and living area is huge. WiFi isn't the best, but normally works fine

18 November 2018

The rooms are a great size with plenty of space for storage. En suites are fab and the living and kitchen area is very sociable

18 November 2018

Good overall with good staff however postage hard to collect and maintenance often a bit slow or if involves replacing items then forget it

18 November 2018

The accommodation is based on campus. Travelling from the campus is easy as there is a train station and a bus stop all within 5 minutes of walking! The social experience is great there are loads of flat parties and the buildings are good distance from each other. The room is very modern and cosy!

18 November 2018

Really friendly staff at reception. Maintenance also respond to problems we may report online. We have 24 hour security so we always feel safe. Everyone here is supportive as we're all in the same situation.

Rhiannon Hampson
4 October 2018

Facilities are good and is a nice generally well maintained place to live. However, staff are often rude and uncaring - they often will tell you to ‘come back tomorrow’ if you have an issue that they don’t want to deal with. After being told to ‘come back tomorrow’ one day after another I asked what time would be best to which the woman just huffedand shrugged. Unfortunately on a night out during freshers week I had my purse snatched which had all my cards, money and my room key in. They were totally unsympathetic and refused to give me the spare key to let myself into my room when I got back because I didn’t have £25 to pay them for another key (my purse was snatched!). So had to have some guy let me in instead for the night, which meant I was also unable to lock my room for a few days whilst I got new cards and some money.

1 July 2018

Very spacious rooms with enough storage for all my stuff. Having an on suite helped too, no waiting in the morning to use the shower. The only problem was the roommates, as everyone does in first year. We had some arguments and the halls were notified to help sort them but did nothing of the sort. So don’t rely on the staff to help out too much but a great flat and really cosy.

26 June 2018

My room was a decent size, plus an en-suite which was cool! My flatmates were great and were I not getting married, I would have lived with them next year! All in all a great time at Peel Park Quarter!

21 June 2018

Overall, the living space is pretty decent, however the price seems to increase every year but the the quality goes downhill. There are lots of mice around, and almost nothing is being done to sort it by the staff. The internet also cuts out regularly which is frustrating, especially around exam periods, although it is in a good enough location that the library is a 3 minute walk away.

15 June 2018

Peel Park Quarter is one of the best university accomadation that I visited and the amount it costs is considerably low compared to other places. The halls are newly built a few years ago so it's clean and the rooms are really modern. The halls are located on campus so it is easy to get to lectures and the social life in the halls allowed me to make many friends!

13 June 2018

Excellent facilities although the staff could be a little more helpful at times. The actual accommodation is fantastic, clean and well thought out design. Rooms are a lovely size.

11 June 2018

The location is fantastic, the facilities are okay that you get included. However, a lot of the time the lifts don’t worry and the washing machines are out of order. God bless you if you live in the Delaney side rather than Lowry as you will be neglected by the staff and feel isolated.

5 June 2018

The flat itself was nice, clean and fairly modern. The accommodation area as a whole was kept nice apart from constantly overflowing bins (which were in the middle of the area so we’re not avoidable). The accommodation included a small free gym, games room, cinema room and study area which were all decent. The staff were not the nicest and were seen on multiple occasions throwing peoples packages (although the package collection service ran smoothly). Security, although they were always there, never seemed to speak to those who didn’t live there but were there when they shouldn’t have been but as far as I know there were no issues. The location was perfect as it couldn’t have been any closer to the main campus, with a student shop, gym and the SU. Overall i would definitely live there again and although it was pricey I understand due to the general area and distance to university.

5 June 2018

The location of these halls are very convenient, overlooking a beautiful park and being minutes away from campus. All rooms have an en-suite which is handy for those who don’t wish to share a bathroom like myself. A bronze room included a 3/4 size bed, loads of shelf storage and also under bed storage. The kitchens are also very spacious with plenty of storage. Peel Park also has a free gym on site for those who like to keep up with exercise. I was very impressed with my experience however, it can get very noisy sometimes, especially at night. However, that’s what you sign up to when choosing student accommodation.

4 May 2018

Although the Peel Park Quarter accommodation is expensive, the rooms and communal areas are modern and spacious. I’ve loved my year so far in halls as it’s easy to get to lectures and social events. The only issues I’ve had is the WiFi and hot water occasionally not working properly.