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7 November 2018

Riverside area is lovely and full of amazing restaurants. Good nightclubs and 2 huge shopping centres full of everything you would need

7 November 2018

decent nights out, especially at the SU. university situated in a nice area, town has all amenities needed.

7 November 2018

I moved to Reading three years ago from the North West to study at university. I had never visited before I moved and was quite apprehensive but I can not complain. The not so little town has everything you could ask for all on one street from large high street chains such as John Lewis to small independent coffee shops like Nibseys. The bus service is flawless. In the north west we have something to learn by the philosophy to green travel.

7 November 2018

Reading is such an amazing town, it has such convenient links to London and the rest of the country. The oracle is definitely a place to visit with so many shops and restaurants on the river. There is a variety of bars and clubs too to suit anyone, I would 100% recommend.

7 November 2018

I love living in reading. It has its ups and downs but everything does. There is a broad range of restaurants, bars and pubs to go to. You can go into the centre of reading and go eat somewhere that is cheap or somewhere super expensive. They have good variety. There are plenty of things to do and there is a vue cinema which is excellent with its prices in the middle of reading. The value for money is pretty good minus the parking in Reading town centre. There is plenty of public transport that goes to all different places

27 June 2018

Reading as a city itself is such a good location, it has so much to do, the town centre is good for shopping and there are lots of nice restaurants around and pubs to go and have a drink at. The location is also ideal because transport in Reading and around Reading is very efficient. Getting to London is quick and not only that, trains go to many other places like the north and the south.

22 June 2018

Night life is great, cheap and lots of choices. Great shopping available including a shopping centre. Value for money isn’t great but that’s due to it being so close to london

4 May 2018

Nights out in reading are great, I wouldn’t rate them 5 stars though due to the fact there’s only around 5 clubs in reading, however if you’re looking for a good bar there are many cheap bars with a good ambiance I would recommend, my personal favourite is coconut bar, or the slug and lettuce- which have a 2 for 1 cocktail night, ever night. Although Reading isn’t the best for nights out, I’d say shopping reading is always quite satisfying, not too many people around, all the shops you could need plus a good view whilst you shop- the riverside. The riverside is best known for its wide variety of restaurants and bars, but the best part of the riverside is the cinema Vue. At vue every Monday there is a two for one offer on tickets which is perfect for students.

8 March 2018

Loads of shopping food deliveries service to halls and student area, regular buses stopping right out side most clubs

7 March 2018

Get yourself down to lolas every Thursday for a garaunteed mad night out. Some of the best nights of my student life!!!!!!

7 March 2018

Really nice location for a uni and has a great station which has connections to most places around the uk

3 March 2018

Location of Reading is so good since it is so close to London. Reading is a quite and a peaceful place so it’s an ideal place to live happily and the good thing is that whenever you get bored or what to be in a crowded place you can go to London in 30 minutes. That’s amazing!

26 February 2018

Beautiful city full of life and attractions for young people. I leave nearby and I’m always coming to Reading because of the shopping center. Well Connected to London and to the airports. The university itself has an amazing campus full of green where you can play and enjoy spring season!!

12 February 2018

Reading is class, good choice of clubs and bars. Prices not the cheapest but not to high.recommed a night out here 100%

10 February 2018

You can get catered accommodation where you can get food on campus which includes park eat, another place near union and Starbucks at the gym. From having this during first year I must say that the food is average and can be a bit repetitive. As the university is located near Reading Oracle there are loads of options whee you can eat there and can get good student discounts too.

24 January 2018

Reading is a half hour train journey to tfl zone 1. There is a wealth of connecting trains into London and the surrounding areas as well as trains to other parts of the country. Reading's bus service includes a 24/7 bus and buses running very regularly with many routes into town. The Oracle in town is situated by the river and there are a variety of shops and restaurants that you are spoilt for choice. The town nightlife is catered to students and the value for money is high. For cheap cinema nights, Vue offers deals on Mondays that make even going out on a non-alcoholic trip cheap.

19 January 2018

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