Revolution (Reading)

555th in Nightlife
6th in Reading

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Revolution is my GO TO CLUB when in reading for the night. So much fun and such a huge venue for all me and my friends to go to. The entry isn't bad and you can dress up to the nines (my fave thing to do) It's good for pre drinks and for the whole night!!!

Morgan Levey

Great environment, calm but lots going on. Really enjoyable. Would definitely go again. Although they should have a loyalty card that you don't have to pay for


We went out for a friend's 21st birthday party! The music was good, ranging from cheesy tunes (but the good kind of cheese) to more recent things. The toilets were gross, as with every nightclub, unfortunately. I also found the place to be overall a bit sticky.


if your parents did not teach you any respect for yourself you will go here. Absoultely rubbjsh 0 rexpect people have will vome here. Focus on your love ones and not random people u meet on a nightout very bad behaviour.


I love this club it’s the best club I’ve been to! I’m sorry not sorry and haters gonna hate! Love the staff! Love everything and everyone!


Great bar with a cracking atmosphere and drinks availability. The cocktails can be a bit expensive but it's worth it for the experience you get. Would highly recommend