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18 November 2018

Really good night out, loads of different rooms with different genre music so pretty much pleases everyone that goes theirs music taste

18 November 2018

Great atmosphere earlier on in the night, especially the outdoors area which is lovely and pretty, and unique. However, since it stays open so late, it tends to attract those from other clubs after about 3am and can get busy and rowdy.

18 November 2018

It is a good club to chill at in the day if you just want to chill for a bit. At night it has good music and atmosphere.

3 July 2018

I had an amazing night and there were cheap and or affordable drinks for students. Purple turtle have good music. The atmosphere at purple turtle is really good with friendly people

11 June 2018

Proper good night out, good vibe for students and locals. Lots of rooms makes it a bit different! Only downside is the opening/last entry times, which can get a bit annoying

26 April 2018

Free entry good music stays open the latest in town- slightly expensive drinks and long queues though but they have special offer nights gin etc.

7 April 2018

Really student friendly and good music. Cheap drinks and deals on drinks on Saturdays. Also open really late - usually the place to go for the last leg of the night amd right in the centre of town. Also features shisha pipes and a weird dungeon downstairs with slightly more hardcore music.

9 February 2018

Good venue with great vibe. Always popular with local university and surrounding areas. Pretty student friendly as drinks are good price not too expensive. Music is top with a range of current music

31 January 2018

Most people wanted to enjoy themselves. Your usual 'roadmen' starting on everyone and the odd drunk girl throwing up. Pretty decent for reading

Megan Robb
1 December 2017

You will always go to The Purple Turtle.The Purple Turtle has hit cult status immediately with all first years and that sticks with you. You will get very, very sick of talking about how butt-kicking-good The Purple Turtle is. It's got some tunes and hosts burlesque occasionally. But just for a tip, pregame hard. A drink at PT will put you back at least £5.