The Purple Turtle (Reading)

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18 November 2018

Really good night out, loads of different rooms with different genre music so pretty much pleases everyone that goes theirs music taste

18 November 2018

Great atmosphere earlier on in the night, especially the outdoors area which is lovely and pretty, and unique. However, since it stays open so late, it tends to attract those from other clubs after about 3am and can get busy and rowdy.

18 November 2018

The Purple Turtle is in the heart of Reading Town Centre. It offers a great atmosphere, a good list of drinks, consistant quirky decor; and music for all tastes. Skint Mondays is of a fond likeness for students and it's opening times make it highly appealing.

18 November 2018

The purple turtle is a really great place to end the night. Everyone ends up coming to purple turtle and it's a really good social place

18 November 2018

It is a good club to chill at in the day if you just want to chill for a bit. At night it has good music and atmosphere.

3 July 2018

I had an amazing night and there were cheap and or affordable drinks for students. Purple turtle have good music. The atmosphere at purple turtle is really good with friendly people

2 July 2018

There aren’t any deals for students but drinks are generally quite reasonably priced. There is a good student atmosphere however and staff are friendly.

11 June 2018

Proper good night out, good vibe for students and locals. Lots of rooms makes it a bit different! Only downside is the opening/last entry times, which can get a bit annoying

3 May 2018

Purple turtle is the way to end a night out in Reading. It is always very busy so make sure you get there well before 1am. Great crowd and interior since its been done up. Iconic

26 April 2018

Free entry good music stays open the latest in town- slightly expensive drinks and long queues though but they have special offer nights gin etc.

14 April 2018

Purple Turtle is a brilliant place for a good laugh! The main room has a jukebox so there’s a range of music from different eras. PT hosts really good DnB nights in the basement which is nearby a lovely smoking area and Shisha bar

10 April 2018

One of the best nights out in Reading, most nights everyone from all the clubs end up going there for nice drinks and a great atmosphere

8 April 2018

This is a lively and fun bar/club to visit. Different genres of music, and can visit any night of the week and have a good time! Monday nights are my fav as it’s cheesy disco music with 2-4-1 cocktails! The smoking area is amazing; decked out with heaters, a giant tv screen, loads of seating, a bar and a shisha bar too! Drinks are on the more expensive side but worth it for the cool decor and music! I’m

8 April 2018

Purple Turtle is very lively and a fun place to go to any night of the week. My favourite night is Monday’s as they have 2-4-1 cocktails and cheesy disco music downstairs which is fab. The venue decor is amazing and I have a collection of photographs because it’s so cool, and unlike any club I’ve been too before! Always the first place I recommend to anyone visiting Reading, especially because of the amazing (and huge) smoking area decked out with heaters and a shisha bar!

8 April 2018

Really cool place with good music. Have a terrace with really good vibes and shisha. They also have an underground with a bar where you can dance and relax. Great vibes, great people, and a great place overall.

7 April 2018

Really student friendly and good music. Cheap drinks and deals on drinks on Saturdays. Also open really late - usually the place to go for the last leg of the night amd right in the centre of town. Also features shisha pipes and a weird dungeon downstairs with slightly more hardcore music.

6 April 2018

Was decent tbf like the atmosphere was decent and drinks prices seemed fair! Only complaint I can give is that the queue for the drinks is long and you sober up by the time you get it

3 April 2018

Best way to end a night out, good outside area for socialising and really different atmosphere. Purple turtle always has live performances and a friendly environment for people to interact and get the chance to really talk to people compared to other clubs in reading.

29 March 2018

Purple turtle is the place to be at the end of the nights. Your gunna bump into everyone and anyone.

17 March 2018

Infamous purple turtle. Great smoking area with plenty of seating, bar and shisha area. However strange mix of music, with rock .usic upstairs and heavy drum and bass downstairs. Doesn't make sense.

5 March 2018

Purple Turtle is the inevitable end of the night location for all students. With its free entry, late opening times and shisha area, you'll definitely end up going there even if trying to avoid. Sometimes there tends to be a lot of older people there, as it is open to the public, but if you're smashed then you won't realize. Drinks can be expensive but not if you go somewhere else first.

25 February 2018

Such a fun night out, great music, awesome smoking area and its where everyone ends up on a night out, closely followed by a subway!

9 February 2018

Good venue with great vibe. Always popular with local university and surrounding areas. Pretty student friendly as drinks are good price not too expensive. Music is top with a range of current music

9 February 2018

Great atmosphere in the main room playing mainly rock/indie on the weekends, basement area that plays EDM, a large smoking area with table football and outdoor heating, and a shisha bar