Lola Lo (Reading)

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9 December 2018

The venue is cool, comfortable and casually and the atmosphere is good. Most people there were students. Staff were nice and friendly, prices were average.

9 December 2018

Quite expensive, imagine 6 quid entry on a qyite tueaday night, but music is always amazing mixed so well, outside bar is decent, and nixe layout of club can be a bit cramped when just though

9 December 2018

The atmosphere is amazing. The staff are amazing and the prices of the drinks is fairly reasonable they are a bit more on the pricey side but the cocktails are definitely worth it. When it's busy it does get extremely hot and sweaty but the music is always good and everyone always has a goodnight out

Constance Mitchell
9 December 2018

Always busy and bar staff lovely. Get the app and get cheapest drinks. Nice Themed venue with nice booths. Always good on a group night out.

13 June 2018

Terrible music but nice venue. Lots of seating area and a good smoking area with a bar there too. Toilets are the best believe it or not. Small dance floor but a bit of seating area small club overall smoking area bigger than the club

7 June 2018

I have spent lots of nights at Lola Lo. Growing up a lot of my friends worked there to earn some extra cash, although my tastes have changed now, when I was growing up 18/19 it was great, music was good, drinks were slightly expensive but had many good nights out and overall was a lot of fun.

17 April 2018

The best latest music you will find here and plus they have an amazing smoking area. Its a bit small club but the music is so grooving. I just love it!

15 April 2018

Very nice atmosphere, especially on a Tuesday. Drinks aren't too expensive and 2 pound tequila is always a winner. Highly recommend to anyone that one's more of a chilled one

13 April 2018

Great club, great music so much fun! Went there for a mate’s 18th, got free entry and had an awesome time. Will be going back!

7 April 2018

Such good value for money, especially on student nights and tuck shop tuesday! The music is great and it is the perfect club for a girls night out.

1 March 2018

Fantastic cocktails, friendly vibe with welcoming staff. Cocktails with many offers, perfect venue for an occasion or a night out.

26 February 2018

Very friendly staff always quick bar service and good themed nights, a good night out for big groups and get togethers

20 February 2018

Lola Lo is a Great club and is very well decorated, they’ve really captured that tiki atmosphere in there. There are many beautiful people that reside at Lola Lo on a Friday night. One issue is price... the drinks can be very expensive in there. Although there are some drinks that are cheap, most are very expensive.

18 February 2018

Lola Lo’s Is a great place for a student hangout, although can be a little pricey if you haven’t got the rewards app downloaded, so would always suggest having it handy. Great place to go for a Tuesday evening.

8 February 2018

Dreadful. Really awful music, worst in Reading. Tiny club. We need more drum and bass clubs as this music is popular. Only good thing is smokers

6 February 2018

Lovely atmosphere and good music. Reliable choice for a good night. Drinks are nice but a bit pricey. The saver card is a good addition. Not especially student friendly. Monday nights are the best to go, especially when most other clubs do not have an event night on. Themed nights are also a laugh and my friends and I agree Lola Lo's is the best.

29 January 2018

It’s too small and so overpriced. The music is terrible and no one that I know likes it. There’s too many people in such a small venue.

13 January 2018

It is a fun venue with a good DJ, resulting in a solid music arrangement. The staff are all welcoming to students but drinks are possibly slightly overpriced to meet a student market. But overall a very good venue

Annie Grant
15 November 2017

Lola Lo is one of my favourite places to go for student nights, the drinks are cheap and the music is good. The smoking area is really cool too, as the whole place is set up like a tiki bar and it's great to just sit and chill.