162nd in Nightlife
5th in Brighton

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26 January 2018

Music is consistently good, cheap student deals usually, decent sized smoking area, there’s 2 rooms, one significantly bigger than the other, the main room music is always a lot better, the second room is rarely open

25 January 2018

Really good atmosphere and drink prices and the music is also great most nights. I've met some people who have become really good friends in this club and have a lot of good memories from it.

12 January 2018

Trash is legendary, themed nights are the best. Reasonably priced drinks, fair entry price. Awesome location, always a good night.

19 December 2017

Really friendly to students, hold nights such as Trash Monday’s, cheap drinks only issue would be that it is quite cramped but overall the vibe and location is really good

17 November 2017

Amazing music atmosphere and people attending and also great on a Monday for the trash Monday event which is open till 4am. Great price of drinks and cheap entry before 12. Friendly bouncers and two rooms of music.