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7 January 2019

By far the best club in Brighton with great music and student deals on trash Mondays! The music varies on all days, however the great atmosphere carries throughout the week.

7 January 2019

Can be a little grim sometimes but it's always packed, sweaty and there's always good music. Best place to have a good night

7 January 2019

atmosphere and music is always great. never fail to have an amazing night. value for money on trash monday's is so good! £1 shots.

7 January 2019

I love the music. Especially Tuesdays event, recently went to the Halloween event and hoping to visit the place next week for the marvel event in memory of Stan Lee. The club always has a good vibe, the staff are friendly. The drinks are decent prices. I really enjoy Their signature drink the donkey kong

17 March 2018

Amazing place to go and spend time with friends on an evening out, no matter the day! staff are wonderful

22 February 2018

the Staff are helpful with the entry deals and getting you through the queue as quickly as possible, the drink service is relatively quick compared to other clubs in the area and is the best place on a Friday night

29 January 2018

Amazing !!! Place to have a good drink and laugh with mates made loads of memories would definitely go again !!!!!!!!!!

26 January 2018

Music is consistently good, cheap student deals usually, decent sized smoking area, there’s 2 rooms, one significantly bigger than the other, the main room music is always a lot better, the second room is rarely open

25 January 2018

Really good atmosphere and drink prices and the music is also great most nights. I've met some people who have become really good friends in this club and have a lot of good memories from it.

17 November 2017

Amazing music atmosphere and people attending and also great on a Monday for the trash Monday event which is open till 4am. Great price of drinks and cheap entry before 12. Friendly bouncers and two rooms of music.